How To Build A Budget Gaming Computer In 2022


Building a gaming PC on a limited budget in 2022 is complex, especially with so many options available in the market these days. Hence we should look for companies with reliable offers, warranties, and quality based on genuine customer reviews.

It is challenging but not impossible to do. In this guide, Gaming Zaming PC building Guide will guide how to build a budget gaming computer in 2022 with the best performance possible.

It is essential to decide on a budget first, so we stay within it. So if we look at many gaming computers worldwide, the professional ones are built for as much as 3000$. But we are not going so far. We are looking at something below 1000$, so the budget of this guide will be under 800$, which is quite reasonable. A gaming computer will only be helpful if you have at least this much budget in which you could save around $100-150 depending on sales on the websites from which you buy the gaming components.

Remember that you might make some compromises as you may have seen a gaming PC at your friend’s place with extra fringes. As we are on a budget, we should keep our expectations limited. And the games you will be able to play on this gaming PC will be standard ones and not as high-end as we see in advertisements in 2022.

So once we have our expectations sorted, let’s move ahead with this guide; you would need a quality CPU, GPU, PSU, motherboard, RAM, and storage cards like SSD and HDD. So these are all the essential components you will require to build a gaming PC. Without one, your PC will be of no use, as all the named components are critical. And each one of them has its role to play.

Now there is a range of prices from which you have to decide, amongst these components. Which one to pick for your gaming PC. Various brands offer different rates and offers. The most common and reliable ones are AMD and Intel, which are good performance, budget, and durability. 

About AMD and Intel:

As we are looking to build a gaming PC on a budget, we will look for AMD’s APU because it has both CPU and GPU attached. Because it is multifunctional, it is price efficient as well. So for this project, we will pick that instead of Intel which will be a bit expensive. If we look at the quality, both Intel and AMD have had their reputation for several years, which can’t be challenged for minor bugs or issues. 

By picking this option of APU, you may compromise a bit on graphics because we are saving some money here. But you will still be perfect to have decent gaming performance overall, and the CPU will provide enough speed to run trendy games and give you a good gaming experience. 

Motherboard and other mentioned components: 

The recommended motherboard for a limited budget is the Gigabyte Z490 motherboard. I say that a lot depends upon a quality motherboard as other components will be attached. It is a little expensive, but you must invest more in the motherboard than the other components. Now, you must ensure that the GPU, PSU, CPU, and motherboard are compatible. The compatibility of these computer components can be seen on their manufacturers’ official websites. If they are not compatible, then they won’t be able to work.

When the motherboard is done, the PSU can be picked randomly, which is compatible. One with a reasonable price will do; the brand won’t matter. As long as the SSD and HDD are concerned, you should pick at least 510GB memory and 1TB for HDD because there should be sufficient storage in our gaming PC to give more breathing space to the games you store and play.

The component which enhances gaming speed:

Now we are onto the final component, which is essential as it will provide speed to your games. It will also provide excellent performance while you boot your PC, and it is RAM. Some people call it a rig or memory. Modern-day gaming requires a RAM size of at least 8 GB because less than that would make your game buffer and lag. You don’t want that to happen, so having an 8 GB rig is necessary. Corsair brand is considered best in 2022 if you plan to buy RAM for your gaming PC. Make sure you get a compatible RAM/rig with your motherboard and other components.

Final verdict:

I hope this article helped you understand your options regarding budget gaming computers. I tried my best to include all the possible options for you to build a decent gaming PC in 2022.


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