How to become Microsoft Azure AZ-900 certified


Recently, we have heard a lot about cloud computing, and it is expected to grow in the coming years. We all know of Microsoft, and Azure is the cloud platform launched by Microsoft in 2010. You might wonder why you didn’t hear about this cloud service in 2010. Like every other technology, necessity pushes it to its boom. The recent pandemic times and remote/hybrid working culture have hyped the cloud systems.

There are several big names in the cloud arena, like AWS, Google, IBM, and Rackspace. Microsoft Azure is among the top cloud companies, holding 29% of the cloud market. It provides more than 200 products and services to its clients with various tools and frameworks.

About Microsoft Certifications

With 12 specialized role-based certifications, Azure has successfully delivered highly skilled certified candidates to its clients. Each certification exam has other adjacent exams; you can explore them as you choose your career path. The certifications are organized into Fundamental, Associate, and Expert.

The Fundamental certifications are AZ-900, Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900, and Azure AI Fundamentals. It is followed by 9 Associate level certifications and 2 Expert levels.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure AZ -900 Exam?

You might be reading this article because you are new to Azure and looking for more information about setting up a career. Skilling up is the best thing you can do to get a step up in your career path. The most in-demand skill in the current job market is cloud certification. Now is the best time to gain an Azure cloud certification and build your career.

Are you wondering if you know nothing about Azure, then how will you build a career on it? Well, Azure AZ-900 is the apt foundational certification for you. Azure certs are job-based except for the Azure 900 foundation course. It is your first step to Azure, after which you can realize your comfort zone and choose your career path.

Who Should Take the AZ 900 Certification Test

Azure AZ-900 provides the basic concept of cloud computing and is a non-role-based exam of Azure. It is the best place to get started in cloud computing. Candidates can take the exam with technical or non-technical backgrounds. Candidates looking for roles in sales or marketing of Azure services can also add this certificate to their portfolio.

Skills Required to Pass the Microsoft Azure Foundation Exam

When compared to the other cloud computing exams, Azure AZ-900 is easier. You need not be a programmer or IT professional to crack this test. It is yet required to have basic computer knowledge to understand the working of the cloud system.

During the test preparation, the candidates will learn the various aspects of cloud computing basics and about the Azure platform. The candidate should study the technological concepts of cloud computing, which include the basics, Azure services, security management, pricing, and support. Even though AZ-900 is a starter for role-based certifications, it is not mandatory.

How to Register for the AZ-900 Exam?

You can schedule the exam from the Microsoft Certification page. If taking the exam independently, you should choose ‘Schedule with Pearson VUE.’ If you are part of an academy, you should select Certiport.

The exam costs $99, and there are discounts applicable. Make sure to check with your course provider for discount options. If you do not find the exam in your language, you can opt for a time extension of 30 minutes. There are also accommodations available for those using assistive devices. You should request all accommodations before registration.

Attending the Azure AZ-900 Exam

  1. Exam Pattern

The Azure Foundational AZ-900 Certification exam mostly has 40-60 questions. The time allotted for the exam is 45 minutes. Unlike other exams, which are primarily multiple choice or multiple responses, Azure AZ-900 exams have varied formats.

  • Multiple choice questions have one correct answer or multiple correct answers. Multiple response questions are scored as per the correct component. Every right option is given a score.
  • In questions requiring sequential ordering, the candidate must order the list correctly.
  • For Drag and drop questions, it works like a match-the-following where the candidate should drag the correct answer to its option. 
  • Hot area questions will have a screenshot, picture, or diagram accompanied with questions.
  • There are also short answers, mark reviews, etc.
  • 2. Passing Score

The scoring is on a scale of 100-1000. You need at least 700 points to pass the exam. The result is displayed within a few minutes of completing the test. The detailed report of the exam will take a few days. There are no negative points for incorrect answers.  

3. Retaking the Exam

The candidate who has failed the exam on the first attempt can retake the exam after 24 hours. The subsequent retakes have a longer gap, like 14 days for the next 5. You can attempt 5 retakes in a year. Exam fees are applicable for retakes.

How to Prepare for the Microsoft Azure AZ900 Exam?

You can start preparing and scheduling the exam when you are fully equipped. But some people need a deadline to begin their studies; such people can schedule the exam for a specific date and start their preparation fully. Even if you are acquainted with cloud basics, it is required to learn the Azure platform before you take the test.

  1. Microsoft Free Resources

Microsoft Online Learning Portal is the right place to kick-start your AZ-900 Cert preparation. There is a Microsoft Learning Page where you can find all the Certification exams. The AZ-900 page will lead you to the free resources and Instructor-led Paid program available for exam preparation. The free resource has module-based classes on the Azure Fundamentals Topics.

The AZ-900 Microsoft Documentation is a resources page that covers the concepts of the Azure platform, which is required for the exam. It explains the services that you should learn to pass the exam and its explanation. But these are long continuous passages, and you may have to make notes while learning.

2. Online Course

At the Microsoft Online Learning Portal, you might have come across Microsoft paid course. But it is very costly when compared to other online courses. Thoroughly analyze the course syllabus to ensure it is updated with the latest syllabus. 

Check for practice papers in the course structure. You can also look for AZ 900 courses with labs and flashcards, making learning more accessible. Some courses also have a free trial period. Utilize those to evaluate the course before purchasing it.

3. Books and Other Resources

There are Azure books available online. Books can provide extra information and are a good read while preparing for the Azure AZ-900 Certification exam. Always buy the latest edition, as cloud computing is quickly growing with new terms frequently added. Pick up the Azure Fundamentals books for Beginners and check reviews before purchasing. You can even refer to white papers, reports, and eBooks published by Azure.

4. Mock Exams & Practice Papers

After you have learned all the topics according to the Azure AZ-900 syllabus, you can move on to practice papers.

– Microsoft exam sandbox is the best place to find exam simulations. You can get acquainted with the various exam patterns. It will give a real exam experience with introductions, exam information, and the NDA. This way, you can be well prepared for the exam day. The exam screen displays the remaining time and questions. You can experience how to use this data to plan your timing.

– Your online course provider will also provide sample test papers after completing the course modules. These exam practices will help you analyze your learning level, and you can focus on your weaker areas before taking the test.

5. Forums & Study Groups

Microsoft has study groups and a Tech community where you can ask your queries and get answers from experts. There are exam study groups for all role-based exams, but unfortunately not available for AZ-900.

Yet, there are groups on LinkedIn and other platforms for AZ-900 study groups and discussions. These are useful in discussing questions and staying updated on anything related to the exams.

6. On the Exam Day

  • The exam is relatively easy, and the predominant concern would be the time limit. Be prepared before time.
  • While studying, if you have difficult portions, make notes and refer to them before the exam.
  • Try to attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking. There are scored and unscored questions in the exam, but you will not be able to differentiate. So, choose the answer in which you are confident.


The demand for Microsoft Azure-certified employees has increased rapidly, and with the AZ-900 Certification, you can start your Azure journey. The Microsoft Azure AZ-900 exam is not a hectic one. Anyone with basic computer knowledge, aptitude, and logical reasoning skill can easily pass the exam by dedicating oneself to learning the modules. 

The benefit that the certificate can do for your career is enormous compared to the effort required. A proper preparation plan is a keynote to take you across to your Azure career pathway.

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