How To Avoid Moving Related Issues?


Are you moving to a new place and feeling excited and simultaneously nervous? Well, that happens for a reason. Moving is stressful when you are doing everything alone. With a lot of stuff, shifting might become your biggest nightmare. 

How to stop that? Plan and prepare early or get professional Boston furniture movers. Easier said than done. Right? We will help you plan your move right and organize all your furniture properly. With that, we present to you the common issues related to moving and how you can easily avoid them. 

Moving Related Problems 

To be able to avoid the problems, it is crucial to know the main issues related to moving. They can occur at home while packing or while transporting. We have provided the problem along with suitable solutions. 

  1. Becoming Overwhelmed

Many people get overwhelmed with time constraints and packing items. This usually takes place when you don’t plan ahead of time and procrastinated till the last few days. Packing is a time-consuming process and requires your grave attention.


Start your move planning at least a month before your move-out date. Start packing non-essential items that you don’t use very often. Make extensive lists of what you need to buy and divide your time equally between packing, and other things in your life.

  1. Cheap Moving Scams

Stay away from cheap offers offered by some moving companies. There have been several cases when the moving enterprise had scammed the people. The discounted price may go up to 10%.  


It is crucial to do a thorough background check on the company you are choosing. Ask your family or friends about them. Read the reviews and testimonials about the company. A big sign of being a scam is not providing the readers with legit contact data. Check their email, and phone numbers before you go ahead 

  1. Accidents

Several small and big accidents might occur during a move. A minor cut from shattered glass or tripping over items and hitting the head are just a few examples. Be careful with the items that can break and don’t leave them unattended.  


Finish dealing with the fragile items. Especially with a kid or a pet, make sure you are done packing, and they are inside the boxes. Sometimes the smallest unattended piece will be the one to injure you.

  1. Some Things Are Missing

The most common issue that people hear is missing items. There are about 7000 incidents of missing items reported in a year. It could be important or non-important things in your life. However, every piece of furniture you have has a story to tell. And you would like to have them with you.  


Have an extensive list with headings and subheadings of the items. This list will help you avoid any misconceptions. Also, start the planning a long time ago, so you have enough time to check the list at the end.   

  1. The Carton Boxes Are Not Enough

The boxes that you bought are not enough. Imagine you are moving tomorrow, and you are just realizing that your cartons are not enough. Disastrous right?


Count the carton boxes when you buy them. Label them as you fill them up with stuff. Finish your packing at least a week ago so that you have time to buy more boxes in case you run out of the old ones. In an emergency, use the big garbage bags to fill up the other stuff. You might also use any duffle bag.  

  1. Broken Items

A piece of art broken? It could be a price possession, even when it is not worth a penny. Emotions related to that item make it worthy. Finding out that many items are broken at the end of the move is a common experience.  


The best way to avoid damage or breaking is to wrap them properly. Use bubble or other plastic wraps to ensure all corners of the item are covered. Also, add a double or triple layer of packaging to provide enough bounce when there is a jerk during transportation. Ceramic and glass are better transported with shredded paper or cotton all around it.  


To conclude, moving to a new place could present itself as a physical and mental challenge. It gives you an adrenaline rush, but you might feel stressed out and unhappy if not prepared properly. To improve things, we have presented some ways to prevent the 6 most common problems that arise while shifting.  


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