How Mushrooms May Help You Fight Off Aging


Remember the first time you learned that mushrooms aren’t plants? Fungi are full of surprises. Now it transpires that certain mushroom species may help counter the aging process.

Should you be eating more fungi to keep your skin fresh and your body healthy? Let’s find out.

Why Mushrooms May Be the Best Food to Help Fight Aging

There’s a massive diversity of fungi, and many contain compounds that are hard to find anywhere else. Different types of magic mushrooms contain fascinating compounds like psilocybin at varying levels. The body metabolizes this as psilocin, the key compound causing magic mushrooms’ legendary psychoactive effects.

Benefits of Psychoactive Mushroom Species

Researchers are investigating these psychoactive properties for many reasons – it’s been suggested that they may help treat common conditions such as depression and could be used in managing alcohol addiction. These benefits alone would be beneficial to anti-aging, as mental health struggles and addictions take their toll on the body.

There’s another reason fungi may have anti-aging benefits. Researchers have discovered that many mushrooms contain high levels of antioxidants. Two of these – ergothioneine and glutathione – are considered useful in helping the body dispose of “free radicals.”

Antioxidant Properties of Fungi

Free radicals are compounds produced naturally by the body. The body maintains a balance of these molecules and antioxidants. However, high volumes of free radicals can be harmful, which is why foods high in antioxidants are increasingly popular.

As many mushroom species are rich in antioxidants, they’re considered beneficial in limiting the volume of free radicals in the body and mitigating illnesses that deteriorate the body and mind. Such illnesses include coronary heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

The combination of antioxidants and unique compounds in magic mushrooms and other fungi make them a fascinating prospect in fighting the aging process. So which mushrooms should you be eating?

What Mushrooms You Should Be Using to Fight Aging

Some of these mushroom species can be purchased at a store or online. Others can be found growing in woodland areas and fields. Foraging for mushrooms is a healthy activity in itself – a regular walk in the woods will keep you fit and youthful!

Remember that if you choose to forage, you should never pick or eat a mushroom unless you’re 100% certain that you can identify it. Many species look similar; even experienced foragers can make mistakes and ingest a toxic mushroom that seems innocent. Don’t try this without an experienced forager and an authoritative guidebook on identifying fungi.

Without further ado, here are the best types of mushrooms to potentially fight the aging process!

1. Magic Mushrooms

There are almost 200 species of “magic” mushrooms known to science. The “magic” part refers to the psychoactive compounds found in these fungi. These compounds are responsible for the “trip” that people experience when ingesting them.

Different species vary dramatically in potency. However, some research and many accounts from users have noted that the psychoactive experience may have some potential for treating depression and helping to address trauma. These illnesses can be debilitating and cause individuals to age prematurely. Microdosing and even engaging in longer, more profound psychoactive experiences may help users identify and address the factors behind such illnesses.

2. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane is found in much of North America, Asia, and Europe. It’s widely known for compounds that keep the brain healthy and may guard against degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. It can be used in cooking and is easy to find online.

3. Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms, also known as Lingzhi, are most commonly found in East Asia, although some variants grow worldwide. They help the body produce white blood cells, bolstering the immune system. This is a critical factor in reducing the aging process.

4. Antrodia Mushrooms

Antrodia mushrooms are native to Taiwan. They’re considered to have beneficial properties for the liver, making them especially effective in combating alcohol-related premature aging. They may also help reduce cholesterol levels, mitigating the risk of heart disease.


Whether it’s including mushrooms more in your cooking or seeking out magic mushrooms for their legendary therapeutic potential, we could all use more fungi in our diets. Learn to identify different types and discover how fungi could be the key to a long, healthy, happy life!


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