How Can We Overcome Our Fear Of Flying?

First-Class vs. Private Charter

Cruising about 35,000 feet above sea level in an aircraft is no mean experience. Maybe you have been flying over the years, so you probably have overcome the fear and anxiety of flying in an aircraft. 

 Although there is no hard and fast rule on overcoming flight phobia, there are certain things you can keep in mind when you fly that can reduce the tension and anxiety generated by flying.  

It is common to experience anxiety on your first flying experience, but when you continue to express fear every time you fly, you have a phobia of flying. Aerophobia and aviophobia are names used to describe someone afraid of flying. 

Experts say it is normal to experience anxiety and fear on your first flight, but it is also not abnormal to feel anxious when you fly subsequently. A more significant percentage of people express anxiety when they fly, whether first experience or regularly. 

But it is possible to overcome the fear of flying. Haven reviewed some comments from air travelers and some airline companies’ websites; we came up with tips on overcoming your fear of flying. 

Some Products That Can Help 

Do you know that the problem you face when flying is mindset? Yes, mindset. You probably have in your mind something telling you that something could go wrong mid-air. You continue to wonder how a plane could suspend in the air and travel for long hours! 

So you need something that can help calm your nerves and keep you relaxed. Micro dozing on cannabis can help you feel relaxed and help you overcome your fear of flying. CBD are one of the most sorted ways to enjoy cannabis. They are delicious, with high potency to relax your nerves and free you from anxiety. 

However, check with TSA guidelines and local laws before you consume or carry them.  

First-Class vs. Private Charter

Seek Knowledge and Information About Flying 

If you are a first-time air traveler, you should seek information regarding flight operations before you embark on a flight journey. Some airlines provide flight tips at their reception lobby to intimate new travelers on what to expect up there. Take advantage of this audio-visual tip to help you know what to expect when in the air. 

You can also ask those who have traveled on aircraft to tell you about their experience. You will always get the first-time shock, but asking people will help you mitigate the effect of your anxiety. 

If you are not adequately pre-informed before your flight, you may feel embarrassed by other co-travelers on the flight by the way you will unknowingly reveal your anxiety and fear. Seek information about the flight experience before you travel. It will help build your confidence level. If possible, read a bit about air travel before your journey. 

Keep Your Mind Occupied By Reading and Watching Videos 

When traveling by sea or even road, there is still turbulence when you travel by plane. It is this turbulence that often frightens people in the air. 

Riding in the cloud at a high altitude can make you feel nervous. You need to engage yourself with something to keep your mind busy. Read some interesting novels while the journey lasts. Switch from reading a book to watching movies or playing games on your smartphone. 

If you can keep your mind occupied with something, you won’t remember the anxiety and fear others usually experience when flying. Some people can get engrossed with a movie or something that they don’t care about happenings around them. If you are a movie addict or an avid reader, try to occupy yourself with what you cherish.  

Book a Special Seat  

Where you sit on a plane matters a lot if you fear flying. Someone who sits by the window will always be gazing into outer space. This can trigger your fears if you are afraid of heights. Avoid sitting by the window if you feel terrified staring down through the window of an aircraft. 

On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable while flying and need a chance to move around to ease tension and anxiety, you should sit in the aisle. Choosing a special seat can help you deal with restlessness. Even if you have to pay extra money to give you more comfort, you must consider it. 

If you know what triggers your fear, choosing a particular seat can help divert attention from such. A seat that shields you from direct experience with your potential threat will be of help. 

If you don’t want to book a flight, you should try doing a road trip. If you need a roof rack for your land rover, you can find it here land rover discovery roof rack.


Experts say that air travel is the safest among the other means of traveling. They claim that it is safer to travel by air than rail, road, or sea. Despite the turbulence experienced in the air, pilots insist that their aircraft are safe. They say that turbulence is a part of the flying process. Just as a car rides and wobbles on a bumpy road, so are aircraft when they run into the clouds. 

You don’t have to be afraid of traveling by air. You are not going to die. Forget about the air crash stories regularly in the news. You can overcome your fear of flying with a little common sense application of the tips we listed here. 


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