History Of YouTube And How It Has Changed With Time


YouTube is originally a social media platform it distributes videos to everyone for free. YouTube collects around 5 billion watch hours every month. Apart from this, around 500 hours of videos are uploaded daily on this platform.

However, it is impossible for a human being to watch every video on YouTube because it would take an eternity to complete everything on it. 

YouTube was launched in 2005 and became one of the greatest sources of entertainment, knowledge, and learning new things. Ever since it was released, the developers kept updating this platform to provide a better user experience and convenience for their users. YouTube has changed so much since it was first released. 

People are pursuing their careers on YouTube by generating a decent income. They do that by showcasing their talent or spreading the information worldwide. For example, many gamers do live streams and earn millions of dollars from YT. 

History of YouTube

Originally YouTube was founded by three engineers who used to work at PayPal. Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen were the founders of this platform. The idea for this platform was generated over dinner because three of them were very frustrated about the idea of how difficult it was to find a video on the Internet. 

So they decided to create an application that would make it easy for everyone to find videos or even for people to share their videos. The first beta version of YT was released on May 2005, and after that, the first video that was uploaded on this platform was by Karim himself. 

This video was 19 seconds long, and Karim showed himself at the San Diego zoo. He was talking about the elephant trunk in his video. Apart from this, the first video that achieved 1,000,000 views was an advertisement for the Nike brand. A professional footballer named Ronaldinho has done that advertisement for Nike. He was receiving golden white shoes from them.

YouTube has dominated the social media platform completely aside from being a social media platform it also has surpassed many search engines like Yahoo and Bing, even though it is not a search engine. With this platform’s rising demand, content creators buy YouTube views to show themselves in a competitive market today. 

A Quick guide on how to boost views on YouTube

  1. Quality of content – Make sure that quality matters even more than quantity. So you need to provide quality content to your users rather than providing them with ten videos at once. Better the quality of your content, the more views you can get.
  2. Customize your channel – The channel on which you post your videos must be very good-looking and attractive because many users only approach YouTube channels or videos that look better with better editing skills or a better thumbnail.
  3. Make short and sweet videos – Bigger information covered in a short video might be very interesting for people. On the other hand, if your information is sufficient, but the length of your video is too much, people will not consider watching your videos. 
  4. Follow every latest trend going around on YouTube – Make the video that is most trendy and relevant to the topic. Then, run thorough research on what kind of trend is going on on this platform. With the help of YouTube shorts, it is very easy to make remixes trends and gain immense popularity with the latest trends.

Shorts are one of the best features added by this platform because people often love to watch short videos due to the introduction of TikTok. However, YouTube is one of the best alternatives and the best way for content creators to become more popular.

YouTube protection policy

Due to cyberbullying and harassment, YouTube has become aware of these things recently and has developed many policies to fight against them. People related to cyberbullying and harassment might face the consequences of uploading content on YouTube.

It can take legal action against those users. Apart from this, YouTube also has a strict policy against a user who tends to buy YouTube views, comments, likes, and subscribers.

This is not a legal approach, but still, many users do that to show their place in the community. YouTube and have taken some policies update by this they can terminate the account of the user who does buy fake views and likes on their videos.

The history of YouTube is complex. it was an individual company founded by three friends, but due to fewer resources after 1 ½ years, they could not keep the company under their rules. They sold it for 1.6 billion in the year 2006 to Google. And now, YouTube has become the most income-generating source for Google.

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