Health Benefits Associated with Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas

Traditional saunas heat the air around the user, creating an environment that encourages them to sweat heavily. However, infrared saunas use infrared lamps that directly warm the body. Infrared panels penetrate the body’s tissues, allowing them to heat up before the air. These saunas also operate at lower temperatures than traditional styles, allowing users to stay in them longer. With these benefits in mind, many owners rely on infrared saunas for stress reduction and improved well-being. Some of the health benefits include:

1. Detoxification of the Body

An infrared sauna helps increase blood circulation and stimulates sweat glands. The process releases toxins from the body.

Infrared Saunas

Heavy, regular sweating detoxifies the body and causes heavy metals to be released. Profuse sweating can remove lead, nickel, mercury, and cadmium, nicotine, alcohol, sulfuric acid, and a host of other compounds.

Spending time in a sauna is a relaxing way to detoxify, and suppliers offer budget-friendly portable infrared saunas that provide all these benefits. Many portable models can fit into virtually any space. Some can be tucked into the corner of a room, making them ideal for apartments or small homes. There’s a model for any need, and online reviews by industry expert – Matt Justice make it easy to evaluate various features and choose a style.

2. Reduced Fatigue

According to The Mayo Clinic, saunas create reactions in the body similar to those caused by moderate exercise. These include increased heart rate and profuse sweating. An infrared sauna can provide these benefits at a lower, more comfortable temperature than standard saunas, making it a better option for those who cannot tolerate the high heat of conventional models.

Just a few minutes in an infrared sauna helps the body rest, making users feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Sessions affect the body’s autonomic nervous system, putting a user in the parasympathetic, or rest and digest, state. In this state, the body can begin to restore itself.

3. Pain Relief

Exercise, arthritis, and joint problems are just some pain sources that can make it difficult to get comfortable and function well. However, an infrared sauna can help relieve stiffness, soreness, and inflammation, as its penetrating heat relaxes muscles and increases blood circulation. When muscles become warmer, they are more flexible and allow for a greater range of motion.

The radiant heat from infrared saunas has been shown to relieve stiffness and aches associated with aging. It has also helped patients suffering from sprains, bursitis, muscle spasms, neuralgia, and musculoskeletal ailments. Per Healthline, a 10-person study revealed that infrared saunas reduced muscle soreness and helped increase recovery from strength training.

Since muscle recovery is essential for athletes, some use infrared sauna sessions to speed up the process after strenuous physical activity. Evidence shows that using a sauna may even improve athletes’ performance.

An infrared sauna provides a gentle heat that penetrates the skin but does not generally reach the high temperatures typical of conventional saunas. Routine use of the saunas can help detoxify the body. Sessions are restorative and help banish fatigue. Infrared sauna use has also been shown to relieve many kinds of pain and may help improve athletic performance.


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