Headphones for Heavy Metal Music Enthusiasts


Have you been looking for some best headphone options for heavy metal music? If your answer is yes, then have a look at this guide. Here we have tried to bring down the 4 best headphones that can give you the best experience of listening to heavy metal music. All the features, price range and other specifications have been discussed in detail to help you to choose the best from the best. Moreover, if you are looking to buy a pair of metal music headphones for the first time, then this guide is for you.

Here’s the list of the best-in-class headphones for heavy metal music.

  1. Sennheiser HD 700-  The Sennheiser HD 700 headphone is the first choice of many heavy metal music lovers. It comes with an open-back design that allows some sound to leak out and thus prevents noise isolation. The headphone is not wireless and it comes with a durable 3-metre copper cable. The ear cups are made of leather and sponges that make them very comfortable for the user to use for a long time. The headphones have a frequency range of 8 Hz to 44 Hz which makes them capable of playing metal music at outstanding clarity. The price of these headphones is under 500 USD which makes them one of the most expensive headphones.
  2. Monoprice 110010- Another very popular headphone for metal music is the Monoprice 110010. If you are looking for a pair of good-quality headphones for metal music and everyday use, then this is the best for you. At a surprising price of just over 50 USD, this headphone is designed for all-around performance. Starting from gaming to listening to high-quality music, this headphone is suitable everywhere for every purpose. It comes with a noise cancellation feature that does not allow external noise to enter your ear while listening to music. The battery backup of this headphone is more than 50 hours when fully charged. The only issue with these headphones is that the ear cups are slightly smaller and they may sometimes slip down while jogging or using them in the gym or while travelling.
  3. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro- These are excellent studio headphones specially designed for high-frequency metal music. This has an open-back design allowing air to flow inside and allowing the user to listen to some external noise. The frequency range of this headphone is between 5 Hz to 35000 Hz making it one of the best headphones for metal music. This headphone is one of the most lightweight headphones in the market as you can hardly feel it when using it. Thus it is a very comfortable headphone to use. It is not a wireless headphone and hence comes with a big cord which is needed to be connected to a PC, Laptop, smartphone or Tablet. The cost of the headphone is about 250 USD.
  4. SONY MDR 7506-  The discussion is incomplete without talking about Sony MDR 7506 headphones which are also known for their features that enable them to play metal and rock music. It can give the user a different level of experience from the listener. It is a closed-back over-the-ear headphone with a Neodymium driver size of 40mm. It has a frequency response range of 10 Hz to 20000 Hz allowing the listener to experience almost real-life sound quality even at maximum volume levels. It is a very user-friendly and comfortable pair of headphones that is sure to win the hearts of the youth. The cost of such headphones is roughly 100 USD making it a budget-friendly device as well.

Thus we may conclude this discussion here by saying that all the featured headphones are equipped with some of the class specifications that will help you to choose the best from the best. From budget headphones to premium sets every type has been discussed here. So, this can serve as a complete guide to help you choose from the best headphones for heavy metal music enthusiasts. 

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