Hair Care Routine 101: Benefits + How-To

The Basics Of A Hair Care Routine

All differences aside, we can all agree on the fact that your hair makes or breaks the look, right? No matter how gorgeous an outfit you have on, or how elegant the makeup, it all comes down to how gorgeous, or wrecky your hair looks. Plus, according to a recent survey, 88% of women feel their hair relates to their self-confidence big time. Therefore, to stay gorgeous and self-confident, you need healthy hair. Hence, comes the hair care routine. Don’t panic if you’re a newbie to hair care routines, we’ve got you covered. This blog will be explaining the very basics of a hair care routine, and how you can set one for yourself.


Back to the basics: So what exactly is a hair care routine? Everything that you do to your hair counts as a hair routine, be it anything from regular oiling to styling and aftercare, or just a weekly hair wash. Maintaining a hair care routine can be sometimes tedious, especially if you only have limited time on hand, but it’s as important as maintaining a skincare one. A hair care routine involves everything that is involved in keeping your hair as it is, such as shampooing, combing, styling, detangling, drying, and such and is responsible for determining the health of your hair. 

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Benefits Of A Hair Care Routine

A healthy hair care routine plays an important role in improving the condition of your hair. Think of your body healthily performing its everyday tasks. Why? Because it has a predetermined routine which involves eating, hydrating, working out, digestion, and such. You skip on a single task, and your body is going to face the consequences. Similarly, a hair care routine is important in keeping hair properly healthy. The catch, however, with setting a routine is that each hair has a different type and texture with different needs, and hence, needs a personalized routine. A hair routine that works for your fine-haired friend might not work as well for your curly hair. Therefore, it is important to have a routine that is solely designed for your hair type. This might take some trial & error, but hey, the results are worth it!


Figuring out the right hair care routine has many benefits, and healthy hair stays on the top of the list. 

1. Removed Frizz and Flyaways

Once you’ve figured out the right routine for your hair, you’ll notice a visible reduction in hair frizz and flyaways. The main reason frizz occurs in the first place is dehydration. The hair remains thirsty and starts running in different directions to absorb moisture from the air. Hence, frizz. The right routine will allow your hair to absorb enough moisture which will result in frizz reduction and smooth hair. 

2. Less Hair Breakage 

This is a given. Hair breakage mainly occurs due to excessive hair tangles and combing. Healthy, hydrated hair has less friction and more lubrication, which allows the fingers/comb to pass easily without causing any tangles or hair breakage. Hence, less hair breakage. 

3. Visibly Improved Hair 

As the hair concerns are taken care of, the hair looks visibly improved, healthier, and shinier. You notice lesser frizz as the days go by, and the hair begins to regain natural luster, viscosity and youthfulness. 

4. No Sight Of Hair Damage 

There’s a big chance your hair care routine might not repair the existing damage and that’s completely okay. This might come as a surprise to you, but every hair that we have contains dead cells which are not repairable, once damaged. The only way to get rid of existing damage is to cut it off. The new growth, however, is still healthy and a right hair care routine helps it stay that way. So when your hair grows out, there’s no damage to take care of in the first place. 

5. Enhanced Hair Texture

This works especially for people with textured hair. Years of heat-styling and chemical damage results in the loss of texture. The right hair care routine helps the texture emerge back up with enhanced luster and shine, and brings back the natural body and bounce to it. Your curls/waves look more defined, improved, and healthy.


And now the most awaited question: how do you figure out the right routine for your hair type? It’s easy. To find a right routine, you need to keep two things in check: 

  • Your Hair Type: Each hair type has different needs, and figuring out your hair type can help you determine the right hair routine. 
  • Your Hair Concern: Determine what hair concerns you want to address with a hair care routine. This will help you choose the right practice for hair care. 

One thing to know here is that planning a hair care routine doesn’t mean renewing your existing hair care regimen. It only means to add what works for your hair, and remove what does not, be it a product or a hair practice. Here, a few hair care suggestions for different hair types. 


Dry hair, or dehydrated hair, needs one thing and that is moisture. The hair feels dry when it is unable to absorb or retain moisture and hydration. Hence, your main focus should be providing moisture to the hair and retaining it. Cut out every product and habit that could be damaging your hair cuticles. Limit your hair wash to only once or twice a week and pick a quality, sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo which contains natural oils and butters, such as GK Hair Moisturizing Color Protection Shampoo. Follow with the Moisturizing Conditioner as well and see a visible difference after the first wash!


If your roots feel greasy within 24 hours of a hair wash, you have oily hair. In this case, wash your hair on alternate days to avoid greasy roots and incorporate a dry shampoo into your hair care routine. A quality dry shampoo such as GK Hair Vegan Dry Shampoo comes in handy on no wash days to soak up excess oil from the roots. Also, cut out on greasy, deep fried foods such as dairy, butters and junk to avoid oil gland stimulation in the scalp. 


There are several signs of damage that one should be aware of, such as split-ends, excessive frizz, brittleness, deformed hair, discoloration, hair shaft breakage, and more. If your hair shows these symptoms, your hair is likely to be damaged. Get a regular trim every two months or so to cut off the damage, and use damage control hair products. GK Hair Shield Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is a perfect choice for damaged hair as it is color-safe and offers protection from environmental and UV damage. 


If your hair has the potential to form waves and curls, it counts as textured hair. Textured hair is naturally drier than the rest of hair types, and hence needs moisture. Therefore, pick a product that hydrates the hair as well as enhances the texture, such as GK Hair CurlsDefineHer Cream. For curly hair, there’s a detailed hair care regimen called The Curly Girl Method, which helps to pick the right hair care products as per your hair type and suggests to include certain hair care practices which bring out the real texture of your hair. 


Combination hair can be tricky to deal with, since it’s hard to categorize the hair type as just dry or just oily. Therefore, picking a product which has both nourishing and cleaning ingredients can help deal with combination hair, such as GK Hair Gold Shampoo and Conditioner Duo. This duo contains the benefits of Juvexin, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter, which provide gentle cleansing to the hair while keeping the natural moisture intact. Also, how often combination hair should be washed depends on the hair condition. Since there’s no telling if the hair is dry or oily, you should wash it when it feels dirty. 


Usually, frizzy hair is a consequence of dryness, and can be treated with moisture. But in some cases, frizz can occur out of a wrong hair habit. For instance, textured hair is only meant to be detangled when it’s dripping wet. So, when you brush out dry, curly hair, it frizzes up and looks terrible. This also indicates that if your hair is always frizzy without any reason, your hair might have curl potential. For frizzy hair, always make use of quality leave-in treatments post-shower, such as GK Hair Leave-In Conditioners and the bestseller Argan Oil Serum. 


Color-treated hair might face a slight damage due to the pigment penetrating the shaft. Hence, add color-safe products into your routine which help retain the moisture and prolong the color. GK Hair Lock Me Color Masque is an ideal deep treatment for color-treated hair, since it deeply nourishes the hair and locks the color in. With color-treated hair, your hair wash should be limited to only once a week with a sulfate-free shampoo. Frequent washing with sulfate products will cause your hair color to fade out sooner than expected. 

The bottom line? Hair can act out due to many reasons and one of them is a wrong hair care routine. Figuring out what works for your hair type can be really helpful in maintaining a healthy hair routine. 

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