Great Options For Your New Favorite Dog Tag

New Favorite Dog Tag
Military dogtags isolated on white.

Dog tags are a piece of jewelry that serves more than one purpose. They can be used to identify someone in case there’s an emergency, but they can also be used to express the wearer’s personality. Dog tags are often underutilized as a personal accessory, but they have the potential to compliment your outfit and give you a unique look. If you’re looking for new dog tags that perfectly suit your style, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about some great options for your new favorite dog tag.

Why Are Dog Tags Important?

Dog tags are often overlooked by people who wear them. Needless to say, dog tags are an important part of life, but not many people know why. If you’re ever in an emergency situation and are unable to speak for yourself, your dog tags can help save your life. If you’re unconscious, someone might find your dog tags, which can help them know your name, address, and any health issues you may have. Dog tags can also be helpful if you need to be identified during a natural disaster. If there’s a fire and your home is destroyed, the information on your tag may be the only way to identify you. Dog tags can also be used to show different information, such as your religion, what type of blood you have, your allergies, and even your social security number.

Which Types of Dog Tags Are The Most Durable?

Dog tags are definitely durable pieces of jewelry, but some are more durable than others. If you’re looking for dog tags that can be worn everyday and won’t break easily, you’ll want to find a thick, heavy chain. Dog tags made of stainless steel are some of the most durable dog tags you can buy. This type of metal is thick and is great for those who are active and like to wear their dog tags 24/7. Stainless steel dog tags are incredibly durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Dog tags made from titanium are another popular option. This type of metal is light and strong and is often used in human implants and medical devices. If you want a rugged dog tag that will last a long time, titanium is a great option.

What Materials Make Great Dog Tags?

The most popular materials used to make dog tags include stainless steel, copper, titanium, and natural materials like wood and leather. While stainless steel and copper are great for durability, they can be a bit too shiny for some people’s tastes. If you want a dog tag that will stand out, you may want to look into using other materials like titanium and wood. Wood dog tags are often laser engraved, allowing you to have a unique design engraved on your tag. They aren’t as durable as stainless steel and titanium, but they are a great option if you want something more unique. If you have a specific design in mind for your dog tags, you can also buy uncoated natural materials like leather, cotton, and hemp. These dog tags have a more rustic look and feel and are great for people who like to stand out.

Solid Shaped Dog Tag With Chain

These dog tags are made of stainless steel and are incredibly durable. They feature a stainless steel chain that is long enough to wear them on either a necklace or a bracelet. The tag itself has a raised design that allows you to easily identify the metal type. This dog tag has a simple design, which makes it perfect for anyone who doesn’t like flashy jewelry. It can be engraved, making it a great gift for someone who wants to keep their information private. These dog tags are made of titanium and feature a chain. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect shape for you. The chain is a bit shorter than other dog tags, making it perfect for kids and teens who don’t want to wear their dog tags around their neck.

These dog tags have a simple design and come in either a silver or black finish. They aren’t engraved, but they do have a lot of different shapes to choose from, so you can find the perfect shape for you. These dog tags are made of wood, making them unique and one of a kind. They are laser engraved, allowing you to have a design engraved on them. These dog tags come in a variety of shapes, so you can find the perfect one for you. These dog tags are much thicker than normal dog tags and feature a natural, uncoated finish. The thicker wood makes them incredibly durable, making them perfect for those who like to be active and who wear their dog tags 24/7.


Dog tags are a great piece of jewelry that can be used to express your personality or to identify you in an emergency situation. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, making them great for any type of person. If you’re looking for new dog tags, keep these tips in mind. Stainless steel and titanium dog tags are great for durability, while wood dog tags are great if you want a more unique design. Solid shaped dog tags are great for those who don’t want flashy jewelry, while chain dog tags are great for kids and teens who want to wear their dog tags but don’t want them around their neck.


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