Get the best pay for broken cars in Fresno, California

broken car

The Junkcarsus buys cars in Fresno of any make, model, and year. We are not interested in what the car looks like or whether it is in working condition. Do you have a car with a transmission? A victim in an accident? Even if you want to sell your unnamed junk car, Junkcarsus will buy it from you.

With our free towing and removal services for unwanted cars, we are the most reputable buyers of unwanted cars and do our best to serve our customers throughout the city. Also, our benefit is that we can pay you with cash for cars in Fresno.

Our company is ready to buy your garbage car in Fresno, California, no matter how old it is, in what condition the parts are, or how much the car is in demand at the moment in the world. We’ll offer you the best possible price for your junk car and simplify the process by helping you deal with the California Motor Vehicle Division to get the necessary documents for an official sale. You do not need to deal with documents yourself, our staff will definitely help you. 

Contact us today, a junk car buyer service that takes care of this. When we give you the specified amount, this is the amount you will receive on the day of deletion. Here we make the happiness of our customers our top priority.

The biggest problem faced by car owners looking to sell faulty cars is a loss in price. Potential buyers or over-buyers (which is more likely) will exaggerate the shortcomings of the car in order to lower the price as much as possible.

Car owners can lose up to 90% of the value of their car! If you do not want to go through all the circles of self-sale of a faulty car, please contact us. We guarantee an honest and transparent redemption of your car within a couple of hours.

3 main steps you should take to cooperate with us:

  1. Call us, tell us what you have and what happened to your car.
  2. Receive an offer from our staff. Choose the conditions that suit you best. Choose a payment method for your car. 
  3. We arrive at any time and place convenient for you and pick up your car. 

We value our reputation, so every car owner can count on a personal approach in Junkcarsus. All customers come only by appointment, so queues and crowds are excluded. The manager deals with each car separately.

We will inspect the car according to several parameters in your presence. Then we will evaluate your car with the help of a unique online auction, where proven Junkcarsus dealers will compete for the car. The transaction will be formalized on the spot, all in 100% accordance with legislation. We will issue the money in cash or transfer it to the account.

If you can’t come because the car isn’t on the go, book a CarPrice on-site inspection. Our manager will come to your home, office, or dacha!

What if?

But if you still decide to sell the car yourself, we will give you some tips.

  • Prepare the most detailed ad with high-quality photos, describing the real condition of the car.
  • Do not hope for an early sale, be patient. Buyers may have to wait for weeks or even months.
  • Talk to your superiors in advance. It’s likely that you’ll need to take time off to meet with buyers.
  • Take care of the safety of your car. There are frequent cases when criminals, seeing an ad for sale, can steal numbers or threaten to set fire to a car. So they blackmail, and demand money, realizing that the car owner, interested in a quick sale, is unlikely to run to law enforcement agencies.
  • Find proven auto repair shops where you can meet with potential buyers.
  • Agree with your friends. Unfortunately, recently there has been an increase in cases of robbery and assault. 

Selling a non-working machine is a difficult task. However, it is even more difficult to sell such scrap metal through a dealer’s car. Dealers will not be able to accurately estimate the cost of the car, and therefore will reduce the price as much as possible to cover their possible risks. The cost of your car will be a penny.

Do not forget to take into account the cost of towing the car to the cabin, because she herself will not get there.

The estimated value of an old car depends on the specific mechanical problems or damage that caused it not to be on the move. This makes the evaluation of old machines extremely difficult.

Fortunately, the MART service has extensive experience with faulty cars. We have developed special methods for calculating an adequate market price. With the help of our service, you can find out the estimated cost of your car in just a couple of minutes. It’s a logical question. However, not only do you have the opportunity to sell the car as it is, but, often, this is the easiest and most convenient option. If you see that your car dealer in the salon offers a good price, you can be sure – this is only because he will cheat the cost of a new car that you will buy here.

Thus, dealers compensate for the small probability of selling your old car by slightly inflating the price of a new one.

It makes sense to sell the car not on the go to those who specialize in this segment (repair shops, spare parts stores). As a rule, such organizations work according to the most simple schemes – a minimum of checks and fast payment.

What would you do with a broken car?

Sell for cash in the current state. To avoid repair costs, the car can be sold “as is”. Often (this is especially true for older models), repairing a well broken car will cost more than it costs. It is very important to understand which breakdowns are worth repairing and which are not.


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