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XnO football stamps come in complete layout of football field size and 25-yard section of the field. Whether you’re drawing a touchdown play or a quick play or a drill, you can choose the right size.

Football “Pitch” stamps are easy to carry around for coaches and players. They can be used on any blank surface more than two thousand times.

As a coach or an assistant coach, working on football player positions diagrams and x’s and o’s are a daily task. XnO stamps help you stay prepared and organized at practice and during the games.

Through the years, coaches always deal with notes, drawn drills, written instructions, and plenty of diagrams drawn on football field layouts that they’ve collected during their career. Now, with XnO stamps they can save space and keep their notes in order.

As a coach I remember searching for keywords such as printable football field, football field layouts on papers, football field diagram printable , football field positions diagram, and so many other similar words just to be able to print them out and start working on them. With XnO stamps, I found a solution to this problem: all a coach needs is a piece of paper, a pen, and time.

One of the other advantages of these stamps is saving time. I was never great at drawing, and so drawing field layouts was always difficult and time-consuming for me. But with the stamps, I can get to work right away with a ready-made and readily available template and take care of business.

Perhaps the best thing about XnO stamps is the extent to which it makes scouting and taking notes easier and quicker. Whether studying films or taking notes while watching a game, or even participating in a coaching clinic, not only do these stamps make all the notes and records cleaner and more organized, but they also make the whole process much faster. Instead of drawing a field or a piece of it, each use of the stamp provides a template in the form of field layout and all I need is to start working with arrows and signs while doing any of the above.

As a coach you want to be prepared as soon as you can get your team on the pitch. It doesn’t matter what level you’re coaching; you have to have your stuff ready to make sure you make the best of your time on the field.

Whether coaching young children or adults, you need to have a clear idea of what you’re planning to achieve when you’re with your team. This whole always involves a lot of paper and various drawings on them. The stamp is like a football pitch diagram that you prepare beforehand.

These football field diagrams include various aspects of the sports. It could be strategy diagrams or football field positions diagram for those who have just been introduced to the sport.

To create a good drawn plan, coaches need to draw a scheme of the football field and start adding lines and notes to them. This is a hassle, because it’s both time consuming and you need to be capable of drawing a pitch. XnO stamps are exactly what any coach needs when it comes to putting court/field layouts on paper—you can take care of x’s and o’s and share details with other players or other members of the staff.

These are simple self-ink stamp machines that are small and light. Anyone can carry them in their bag or just have them in their hand while they’re moving between their office and the field.  All you need to do is to stamp and the layout is ready for use. You can draw drills, strategies, plays, or even create specific notes or reminders during games. With the help of XnO stamps, coaches—and even players!—can have diagrams ready to use. The thing about these tools is that it’s versatile enough for both coaches and players. Anyone who’s a student of the game can use them to their advantages. They’re available to order online and very easy to purchase.


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