Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel

Pet Friendly Hotel

Going on vacation when you have pets can sometimes be a challenge. But you don’t have to leave your pets at home if you research pet-friendly hotels. The pet friendly hotels in NC mountains allow you to enjoy your trip and not miss an important part of your daily life.

Pets enrich everyday activity, and it feels weird without them. Luckily, some hotels are pet friendly with some allowing you to bring your pet and others being more involved and providing amenities for pets in particular. By asking a few questions in advance, you can be well-prepared to bring your pet on your travels with you.

Questions To Ask a Pet-Friendly Hotel

  • Do They Require Medical and Shot Records: a hotel’s responsibility is to its guests and while they may certainly welcome pets many want to be certain the animal guests on hotel property are safe. Checking to see if you need vet paperwork can save you on work and phone calls when you arrive at the hotel.
  • Ask About Walks: regular walks are one of the most commonly understood parts of owning a dog. When you take your dog out for a walk you’ll want to know where on the hotel grounds you can walk your dog, as some areas may be off-limits. You’ll also want to check to see if clean-up tools such as bags are available or if you’ll need to provide your own.
  • Know What Is Offered: some hotels are focused on providing for pet owners and offer treats, foods, dog bowls, and other common pet supplies. Other hotels are far more bare bones and expect guests to provide their pet supplies. Knowing what to expect can tell you what you need to pack or buy when you arrive at your destination.
  • Ask About Leash Rules: some hotels require pets to be leashed when they are outside your room, while others have specific areas where this is required and some areas where it is not. This can tell you what to expect and anything to look out for in terms of behavior or your pet’s special needs.
  • Rules For Pet Lodging: in some hotels, you can leave your pet unattended in your room, while other hotels may require a crate, and some have on-sight care services to keep an eye on pets when you are pre-occupied. It is important to check this in advance because each hotel can be unique in how pets are overseen.
  • Breed Restrictions: some dog breeds are barred from hotel properties. In some cases, this can be based on dog size and weight, while other restrictions may be based on breed reputation, as some breeds of dogs are subject to specific local laws. This allows you to avoid a good deal of frustration and check in at a hotel where your pet is not welcome.

Final Thoughts

Part of finding the best hotel is looking for the amenities you want and need for your trip. In some cases, you may want a pool or a nice view. Lodging for your pet is also a valuable amenity and many hotels offer the services you need to take your pet on an exciting trip with you.



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