FHA VS Jumbo Loans – Complete Details and Guides

FHA VS Jumbo Loans – Complete Details and Guides

FHA and Jumbo are 2 different loans borrowed by people. Borrowing a loan depends on the borrower’s interest. Borrowers first see the home they want to purchase. When selection gets completed, then comes the cash collection process. The buyer doesn’t think about any loan if he has enough cash, but if he runs out of cash, multiple loans are borrowed to purchase the selected home. That’s when the calculation of FHA, Conventional, and Jumbo Loans comes into play.

This article is all about the comparison between FHA and Jumbo Loan. Everything will be briefly discussed, and you should read the entire article to know the funding process. A lender approves your loan after you complete the requirements. The required loan gets revealed when you have decided on the home. When you have finalized the home decision, the loan decision gets left to be decided. Reading this article can help you identify a suitable loan. You can decide on the loan you will borrow to purchase your selected home.

FHA VS Jumbo Loans – Complete Comparison

We’re running a complete comparison to help you select your desired loan for home buying. Let’s start with the credit scores because every lender demands this thing first.

Credit Scores Requirement

The first thing every lender looks at is the credit score. Your loan can be rejected if you fail to show the best credit scores. The requirement in FHA Loans is around 580-620. This number is slightly lower than Jumbo Loans because you will be surprised after knowing the demanded number when borrowing Jumbo Loans. Approval in FHA Loans is also possible on 500 credit scores when you pay 10% down to the lender, but this case is the opposite in the Jumbo Loans part.

680 is the starting number in Jumbo Loans, and the funding can’t cross $1 Million on 680 scores. Some lenders will also ask for 720 on $1 Million. This depends on the lender’s will, but 680 for $1 Million is the expected number. If your amount exceeds $1 Million, prepare your credit history between 720-740 because the funding has increased. So reaching the number in FHA Loans is easier than Jumbo Loans.

Government Assurity

The government backs FHA Loans, but Jumbo Loans are borrowed without the government’s help. That’s the first reason lender applies problematic terms when a borrower applies for Jumbo Loans. The lender has some expectations from the government if his FHA Loan borrower defaults. He can take 90% amount from the government, but this case isn’t possible in Jumbo Loans. That’s the reason for the complex approval. So we can say that FHA Loan is the winner because lenders get good support from the government.

Down Payment

The 3rd thing is the down payment. You only need to pay 3% down in FHA Loans for approval, but the down payment process of a Jumbo Loan is eventually difficult. The minimum percentage asked in Jumbo Loans is 5%, but showing cash reserves is also necessary. Paying a down payment isn’t enough because lenders demand cash reserves. You must share cash reserves of at least 10 months for a quick approval.

The reason behind that is simple. The government doesn’t support Jumbo Loans. Your interaction is only with the lender. The lender has no support from the government, so he applies complex terms. That’s the first reason. The second reason is the loan amount. Financing in Jumbo Loans is higher than in FHA Loans. So that’s why the lender asks to show cash reserves because default can happen with such an enormous amount.

The lenders also ask for 20% down in Jumbo Loans, but the approval number is at least 10%. Some soft lenders will approve your loan on a 5% down payment but will ask for more cash reserves. So the down payment sequence in Jumbo Loans is ultimately more challenging than in FHA Loans.

DTI Score

DTI Score demand maximum reaches 43%. This one seems easy, but it isn’t easy as you expect. Suppose I borrowed $1 Million through Jumbo Loans, and my lender asks about 40%. This enormous amount will be difficult to save 40% of $1 Million. The amount in FHA is smaller, and lenders don’t care even if you show a 43% DTI score. The amount matters the most in this DTI calculation. It would help to keep this thing in mind when calculating your DTI Score. We recommend using a DTI Calculator you can download from ATOZ APK. Use that calculator to input your loan amount, cut out the expenses, and finalize your DTI score.

Home Selection

This one is the most neglected thing, but it is the most important than every other thing. Every borrower must know the home value to finalize loan selection. We have seen many borrowers selecting the wrong loans for the home they are looking at. The rates of residential properties increase and decrease frequently. Sometimes the FHA Loan is good, while sometimes Jumbo Loan can reach that amount. Looking at the property’s value before going to the lender to apply for the loan would be best. You can get approval from the lender if the calculation goes wrong because he will send his team to count the property’s value. Thus, you will face rejection if the value exceeds.

Contacting different Real Estate firms is necessary to avoid this thing. You can see numerous Real Estate Agents working in your areas. They know the exact amount of the home you select. You must keep that amount in mind while applying for the loan. The 2nd method is to contact Skip Tracing Firms like Lert Skip Tracing. That firm also has the exact number because their employees are in the market searching for the latest addresses of homeowners. They can also help you with this. But applying for either FHA or Jumbo loan isn’t recommended until you know the exact home value.

Final Words

So that was the complete comparison. Jumbo Loan stands in the losing area, but when we compare its terms with FHA Loans, it is challenging to get rewarded because most borrowers can’t fulfill those requirements. The funding in FHA Loans is smaller, but the requirements can be fulfilled. So this big difference says a lot. For high funds, you can’t face multiple rejections. Drop a comment in our website’s comments section if you have questions about this comparison.


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