Here’s How You Can Relate To Your Favourite Friends Character’s Zodiac Sign


Friends is one of the best TV shows ever made, and over half of the world’s population has already watched it. This incredible TV show was a huge success back in the 90s and even today.

The fan base of ‘Friends’ grows every moment to this day as each one of us wants to find a true friend like the ones from the show. ‘Friends’ was an enormously popular TV show with a multitude of characters, each of them being uniquely amazing. 

If you come to think, each of the characters does reflect a particular zodiac sign and manifests the features of that zodiac. Let’s take a sneak peek into the friend’s zodiac signs that you can relate to:

Phoebe – Aquarius

Phoebe is the ideal Aquarian in the series. She is highly optimistic, easy-going, and independent. The essential qualities of an Aquarius are to lead the pack because they are born leaders, to be optimistic and thoughtful, and avoid worldly materialistic chaos.

A person born under the zodiac sign Aquarius is also quite emotional and cares deeply about their friends and family. Each character fills up Phoebe, so she is a true Aquarius.

If you can relate to Phoebe or she is your favorite character in the show, then most likely you are an Aquarius by birth date or nature or at least your zodiac is most compatible with those who are born under friends’ zodiac sign.

Mike – Aries

Mike is Phoebe’s husband in the show. He is fun and lively and a great person to be around. He loves hard and is passionate about his relationships with friends. He cares a lot about others.

Aries are easy-going people and usually do not mess with others. So is Mike. He is a source of positive energy and fun in the series and takes care of Phoebe as the best imaginable husband, Mike’s zodiac sign is friendly and a great person which is an amazing friend’s zodiac sign.

Ross – Capricorn

Ross is a perfectionist, just like a typical Capricorn. He is genuinely meticulous about his life. Ross is focused on his work and quite cautious with his actions.

He is the most brilliant character in the series and loves organizing, planning, and sorting things. If you love his character or can relate to it, perhaps you are just the idealistic Capricorn.

He also manifests one of the most unusual traits of a Capricorn: turning dramatic and annoying whenever anything happens out of the track. 

Carol – Cancer

As you know, Carol is the ex-wife of Ross in the series. She is intelligent, emotional, and caring. She has an intuition like none other. She has a typical character to defend herself amidst every situation.

Carol is a loving character who cares deeply for her friends and relationships. In real life, Cancers exhibit the same characteristics as Carol. And there you go; she is an ideal person born under the zodiac sign of Cancer which is your friend’s zodiac sign.

Chandler – Gemini

Chandler is the favorite character of most people addicted to this TV series. If you are witty, have a profound character, and exhibit strength at all times, Chandler is the character from Friends you can strongly relate to.

Geminis are super sensitive, and so is Chandler. He is also the most humorous character in the series, who often disguises his genuine emotions in the form of jokes or chuckles which is stereotypical of the true Geminis which is your friend’s zodiac sign. 

Janice – Leo

Leos are fiery and dramatic, always in control and seeking attention. If you have already watched ‘Friends’, you must have figured out who fits this description, and it is none other than “Oh my God” Janice.

She is one of the most annoying, dramatic, and popular characters but knows how to love hard. She is one of those girlfriends you wouldn’t be entirely happy with but you just cannot forget ever.

She is also very passionate and emotional in her way of dealing with relationships. All the Leos watching the series can perhaps visualize themselves as Janice.

Joey – Libra

Joey is undoubtedly one of the most important and unforgettable characters. He is popular, stylish, and good-looking and always seeks love, appreciation, and attention. He is hungry for care and affection.

But his life is quite troublesome. If you are a Libra or have Libras in your life, you must know by now how they invite problems. Joey is a true Libra who is forever in messed-up situations.

Joey is also the adhesive of the group because he unites the whole group together and establishes peace in their lives. He is lively and represents the features of Libra at its best. 

Monica – Virgo

The group’s high-optimism woman, who always plans to get things organized, is a nerd regarding a healthy lifestyle and is the most hard-working and competent member of the group.

She is the group mom because of her intense care and affection toward others. If you are a cleanliness freak, always looking for the opportunity to organize things, and want to lead a healthy life, you are the Virgo Monica.

Rachel – Taurus

Rachel is the ideal Taurean who is steady and slow. She is extremely stubborn and yet enthusiastic. Spontaneous and fun, Rachel is the greatest entertainer of the group.

She is caring and exhibits true feelings towards other friends. She is ready to help and always cracks jokes. Rachel is the genuine Taurus – fun and lovely to be with. 

Gunther – Scorpio

Gunther is a mysterious character, a true Scorpio to whom you can always relate. He is exceptionally caring towards the people he loves yet maintains a mysterious aura around himself all the time.

He is devoted to those he loves no matter what. For all the Scorpios, Gunther is your image. The American sitcom ‘Friends’ has broken and created several world records as one of the cult television shows ever created in history.

It was an impactful show, and even today, viewers relate to the characters and stories depicted in this TV show. So, which of the friend’s zodiac signs could you relate to in real life? 


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