Exploring Ways Home Warranty Companies Can Help Homeowners Protect Their Investments


More than six million Americans purchased homes last year according to recent reports from the real estate sector. That brings the nation’s homeownership rate to 65.5 percent. Whether a home is newly built or previously occupied, it offers the promise of new beginnings and exciting experiences to come. Homes are havens for family members to retreat from the outside world and spend time bonding with each other.

Inside the World of Homeownership

That being said, owning a home can come with a few not-so-pleasant surprises as well. No one can control every aspect of the future. Outside forces are always bound to creep in and bring about unexpected circumstances. When they do, Home warranty companies can help minimize the impacts they have on America’s homeowners. In doing so, they help homeowners protect their investments in several ways.

Home Warranty Companies

Covering Unexpected Breakdowns

People rely heavily on their home appliances these days. Most wouldn’t know what to do without modern refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and dishwashers. Washing machines, dryers, and water heaters can’t be overlooked, either. Of course, those appliances are subjected to frequent, if not constant, use. As such, they take on a great deal of wear and tear.

When one of those appliances breaks down, it can cause major inconveniences. Sometimes, malfunctions can completely disrupt a family’s daily routines. Paying for repairs or replacements can really add up. Even repairing or replacing a single appliance is enough to put a crimp in many families’ budgets. Home warranties cover the costs of appliance repairs and replacements to help lighten the financial load.

Safeguarding Against System Failures

Homes are made up of several internal systems, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Those systems are designed to withstand ongoing use. On average, residential HVAC systems can last from 10 to 25 years. Plumbing and electrical systems generally last anywhere from 50 to 70 years. Still, none of these systems are infallible.

Different components of electrical and plumbing systems can fail, leading to serious problems. Those problems can even bring about extensive home damage if they’re not promptly taken care of. Homeowner’s insurance may not cover the costs of plumbing and electrical repairs, but home warranties bridge the gap.

Furthermore, if a minor malfunction leads to major home damage, insurance won’t cover the resulting repair needs. Per most policies, the homeowner’s responsibility is to take care of minor repairs before they get out of hand. With a home warranty, a homeowner is safeguarded against such problems. Since warranties cover those minor repairs, homeowners don’t have to bear the financial burdens they bring about or the more extensive issues they can lead to.

Added Purchase Incentives

Home warranties can also foster the selling process. When potential buyers explore homes on the market, they tend to look for added value. Having a home warranty in place gives them just that. They know they’ll be covered if systems or appliances fail after the purchase. Because of that, home warranties can give prospects an added incentive and make selling a bit faster and easier for homeowners.

Having Extra Protection on Hand

For homeowners, having extra protection on hand can make a world of difference. Home warranties offer that added assurance. They cover the costs of appliance and system repairs and replacements. They can also help prevent insurance claim denials. When the time comes to sell a home, a warranty can even foster the process by giving potential buyers the extra security and value so many of them are looking for.


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