English Retirees Go For Spanish Property As Brexit Hits


With the UK’s impending vote to leave the European Union, many retirees are looking to move their money out of the UK and into a safer place. And according to Spanish property website Expatistan, many English retirees are looking to purchase Spanish property as an investment.

English retirees are snapping up Spanish property as Brexit hits

As the UK Brexit negotiations enter their final stages, retirees are increasingly looking for Spanish property as a safe investment. The country’s stability and low mortgage rates make it an attractive option for those worried about the uncertain future of Britain.

Spanish pensions are also a draw for many English retirees. Spain’s generous social security system means that retirees can live comfortably on a low income, without having to worry about expensive medical bills or long-term care.

The Brexit uncertainty is only likely to make Spain even more popular among English retirees. While some experts predict that the UK will eventually leave the European Union, there is still a chance that the country will stay in the bloc. In any case, Spaniards are planning for just about every eventuality, and they’re eager to take advantage of high demand for property in both Spain and other Mediterranean countries.

Spain is a popular retirement destination for English people

Since the Brexit vote, many English retirees have been looking for Spanish property as a safe haven.

Spain offers a great spain retirement visa lifestyle with lower living costs and a more relaxed atmosphere than many other European countries.

The weather is also very good, with mild winters and hot summers.

Although Brexit may have caused some uncertainty in the short term, it appears that Spanish property is still attracting a lot of interest from English people looking to retire overseas.

spain non lucrative visa requirements

English retirees are flocking to Spain in droves to take advantage of the country’s relaxed spain non lucrative visa requirements, as Brexit hits the UK’s economy hard.

The Spanish government has been keen to attract foreign investors and tourists since the financial crisis, and has made it easy for foreigners to obtain a visa.

Spaniards can now stay in Spain for up to three months without a visa if they have a valid passport, a residence permit, or a work permit.

This makes Spain an attractive option for English retirees who are no longer eligible for visas in the UK due to the country’s strict immigration policy.

Spanish property is also becoming increasingly popular among English retirees, as it remains relatively affordable compared to other European countries.

Spanish property prices have slowed down recently but they remain much lower than those in some of the other major European countries.

This means that English retirees can still find excellent value for money when purchasing property in Spain.

The weather in Spain is perfect for English retirees

English retirees are flocking to Spain in droves as Brexit hits their pockets. The weather in Spain is perfect for English retirees, with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Although the cost of living is higher in Spain than in the UK, the quality of life is much better. Plus, there are numerous Spanish properties that are perfect for English retirees who want to live close to the action but also have plenty of space to relax.

golden visa spain in 2022

English retirees are flocking to Spain in droves as the Brexit vote hits home. The Spanish property market has been booming, and many English people are looking to take advantage of this opportunity.

Spain is still a popular destination for English families and retirees. The country has a great climate, great beaches, and a rich culture. It also has excellent healthcare and education systems.

Many English people are attracted to the peace and tranquility of Spanish towns and villages. They also appreciate the lower cost of living compared to England.

The Brexit vote may have hit the British economy hard, but it hasn’t affected the Spanish property market. In fact, prices are rising faster in Spain than in any other European country.

If you’re thinking of retiring in golden visa spain in 2022, now is the time to do it. The Brexit vote may have caused some financial instability in the UK, but it hasn’t had any impact on the Spanish property market.

The cost of living in Spain is cheaper than in the UK

Many retirees are looking to purchase Spanish property as Brexit hits their finances hard. The cost of living in Spain is cheaper than in the UK and many retirees find that the climate is also more agreeable.

Spanish property is viewed as a safe investment in uncertain times, with prices still comparatively low compared to other European countries.

For those retirees who are coming to the end of their life savings, buy property in spain can be a wise decision. The cost of living and climate is much cheaper in Spain than in the UK, making it an ideal place to retire. Additionally, there are currently no real estate market crashes or financial instability in Spain that could damage your investments.

Spanish property is an excellent way for retirees to maintain their quality of life while saving money on their costs of living. With Brexit looming over the UK economy, many English retirees are looking for safe investments that will protect their money during turbulent times. Spanish property may be the perfect solution for these people!

spain retirement visa

English retirees are increasingly looking for Spanish property as Brexit hits the UK economy hard. Spain is a popular destination for those retired because of its excellent healthcare system, relaxed lifestyle and lack of UK tax obligations.

The number of British retirees choosing to purchase property in Spain has increased by 160 per cent in the past two years, according to The Daily Telegraph. This is likely due to the fact that the pound has lost around 40 per cent of its value since the Brexit referendum in 2016, making Spanish property more affordable.

Many retirees are also attracted to the country’s low cost of living and its relaxed lifestyle. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Madrid is only €650 (£590), while utilities and food costs are also relatively low.

However, not all retirees are happy living in Spain. Many have reported feeling isolated from their families and friends back in the UK, as well as experiencing difficulties with accessing healthcare facilities and finding suitable jobs.


After the Brexit vote, English retirees are looking for new opportunities and Spanish real estate is one of the most popular choices. Many retirees feel that Spain offers a more relaxed lifestyle than England and they also appreciate the healthcare system. Additionally, there are many English-speaking expats in Spain who can help with any needs that might arise when moving to a new country.


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