Embrace the Limelight with the Right Cowgirl Hat


Being a cowgirl has always been a challenging thing but mastering the art does bring its perks. A flair for an adventure paired with an imposing personality emanates confidence like nothing else. Cowgirls have been revered for their norm-defying nature and thankfully nothing has changed.

Even today, cowgirl attire carries the same respect and confidence. Revered across the masses, girls associated with cowgirl behaviors are thought to be bold and confident.

Wondering what kind of cowgirl attire has the most appeal? We’ve got you covered! Donning the whole attire would attract too much attention and can get some furtive looks but a few touches of an age-old outfit and some cowgirl accessories are always a welcome sight.

The Right Cowgirl Hat

The original cowgirl hats were usually made out of straw. This helped avoid direct sunlight exposure as straw is a bad conductor of heat; not to mention, these were extremely light in weight, ensuring ease of wearing even for extended periods.

The straw cowgirl hat might still be a thing in the open wilderness but wearing it to a party would be a tad bit too much!

Yes, you could pair the straw hat with some accessories to give it a modern feel, but standing in front of the mirror for extended periods just before a classy event is a huge ask. The adjustable straw hat by Pink Cowgirl Club can accompany you everywhere.

Add in a bit of feminine touch with some colors, and some props for the appropriate event, and there it is, your perfect cowgirl hat that adds to your personality like nothing else while giving you the confidence to walk into a party in style.

The Many Cowgirl Hat Types

You would be surprised to know that cowgirl hats come in different styles and there is one for all events!

From a bridal wear cowgirl hat to a prom night one, there are a ton of variations available that you’ll fall in love with instantly.

Here are the top cowgirl hat types that are trending across the globe:

  • Bridal
  • Straw
  • Rhinestone
  • Leather
  • Kids (Yes! Kids love the wild adventurous attire!)

Take your pick, and you can select your preferred colors, making the perfect prop that makes a statement the moment you walk through the door.

Top Cowgirl Hat Colour Choices!

The original was made out of straw but the advancement has allowed for a ton of color choices. We did some digging and found that the most trending colors include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White

Yes, you might have a different preference as color is highly subjective but these colors look great both in pictures and in person as well.

The Perfect Cowgirl Hat Variation

Style and looks are subjective but there are certain designs that we found to quickly grow on people. You don’t have to wear the same boring hat design every time you want to take up cowgirl attire.

Depending on the event you can always add your personal touch to your hat. There are traditional and modern variations available for the same tried and tested design and we must add that all of them look great.

The rhinestone version and the kids’ version add that special glittery look and feel that will leave a lasting impression with that flashy first look that is bound to shine.There is little that can go wrong when it comes to rhinestone pink hats.

Looking to be funky? The LED version will definitely turn heads as the lights randomly light up giving your hat an excellent presence. Choose between the Pink LED Cowgirl Hat versions or the one that has lights on the brim, and you’ll quickly be the life of the party.

Leather Cowgirl Hat, Ageless Accessory?

There is no denying that leather cowgirl hats carry that extra attraction that other designs just fail to live up to. Leather ones are a perfect balance between the saucy look and the sophisticated one.

Take out that dusty old leather cowgirl hat from the 80s and carry a beautiful Rose Teddy Bear with you,  you’ll understand what we’re saying. Some designs just outlive everything else, and leather is definitely right among the top on that list.

You don’t have to stay confined to the limited choices that were traditionally available when looking for leather wearables; the new designs have it all. Blue, black, pink, or brown, there are some excellent color options available in leather. Our favorite is the black leather hat with a punk belt.

To add some much-needed flair to the already fashionable accessory, cowgirl hats now come with some excellent designs on top. Be it a different color stitch that goes around the brim, or the trusted Sherrif badge, you’ll fall in love with all the different designs.

Oxhead or Veil

Props matter! Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise! The right prop will make your cowgirl hat and your overall attire much more attractive. Be it a typography prop or an ox head, you need to match the prop to the event for the best results.

Don’t like the different props? You can go with the plain belt designs or a crisscross pattern that goes around the hat!

There’s a design for everyone, even brides! The hottest trend out there brings some excellent additions to the hat for brides, a veil that can be adjusted to make your memorable day much more fun. The avenues are endless. Try the Pink Cowgirl Club white hat with a veil or if you want to try something fancy then,a white diamond BRIDE yarn hat will do the justice.


Cowgirl hats have been around forever, and rightly so, they add undeniable flair and attraction to your overall look and feel. You can become the star of the party with the right cowgirl hat!

Who doesn’t like to turn a few heads?

Blue, black, brown, or pink, cowgirl hats add that saucy look that emanates confidence like nothing else. Needless to say, cowgirl hats are a must-have that adds to your wardrobe. One must always have a few at hand to match your outfit to make for the perfect entrance!


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