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Six Sigma

Deploying lean Six Sigma Green Belt to build your business better has its own set of steps and things to be taken care of. There are some core principles to be followed. So here are 7 E-learning processes for you to keep in mind.

  • The major focus should always be on the customer.

Your activities can be shaped by having a great external idea about the value of the product for your customer. For instance, while accessing wastes in the process of production, our main objective is to cut out the activities which are not contributing value to our project. This minute analysis helps us understand what is and isn’t a waste. You would not be capable of making the improvements that are necessary if you haven’t accessed your true value. Because then you would not be able to determine the wasteful processes effectively. Process improvements are stepping stones towards success; they aren’t a state of success by themselves.

  • Understand the true working procedure.

We need to be well versed with the occurring processes if we want to make 1 way for process improvements. After all, there won’t be any hope of improvement in the process if we don’t have a clear idea of what happens in the current process and all about it. The Ethics of managing business processes should be implemented, and the workflow should be documented. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is a really complicated process. Make sure to walk into it with powerful analysis tools up your sleeves to help you monitor the progress. Not only would these tools help you check the work post-documentation, but they also help in finding out if the work processes are being carried out as per plan. This is termed as conformance checking and is of utmost importance in understanding the processes.

  • Ensure the smooth flow of work processes.

The lean Six Sigma Green Belt management strategy is completely driven by processes. In cases like these, depending on abilities and chances to make the processes smoother could be a bad idea. A bottleneck is an area of process performance that is below the pre-set standard and is the common cause of problems in most processes by Sprintzeal. If left unattended, the bottleneck could drive the performance of all other areas down the standard. Employing techniques such as process mining could be very helpful in these situations as they could directly point out most of the bottlenecks while analyzing the data of a process. Eliminating bottlenecks would ensure a smooth cloth of processes.

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  • Waste reduction and focusing on value.

In order to prioritize value, we are bound to cut off all the things which do not contribute to value. In order to gain value, the elimination of processes that could be a waste of resources is very important. There are 7 major types of wastes: Overproduction, Time in hand, transportation, processing, stock in hand, movement, and defective product manufacturing. If any such problem arises, make sure to bring the waste to visibility and then plan strategies to bring them down.

  • Removal of variation to stop defects.

Defects can be effectively tackled if we optimize a process for it to run perfectly every single time. Standardization of processes is the real key. Defective outputs could be cut-off more effectively. Variation is removed, and the process runs at its full potential every time. If manufacturing product for dealing with Industrial and mechanical style production systems is what you aim to achieve through Six Sigma, standardization is the key.

  • Collaborative working is effective.

Apart from analysts and managers who make look down on an occurring process and make decisions to influence them, it is also a matter of fact that employees are people who are involved in the same process every day have quite important insights on it as well. The collaboration of the management and workers together could make the process better.

  • Make scientific and systematic efforts.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt helps you in making a system that would lead to an improvement in your processes. It resonates with this data driven world through scientific quality. It allows us to get a lot of data, which helps us understand about operations of various processes. If the collected data is analyzed and used properly, it could create and help us maintain improvements. 

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