Doug Pitassi Offers Tips For Boosting Workplace Morale

Doug Pitassi

Douglas Pitassi shares how helping new employees connect in the workplace and all workers meet their goals creates a better work environment.

Creating a cohesive and responsive workplace culture requires a lot of effort for small and large businesses. At Pacific Office Automation, CEO Doug Pitassi believes the hard work of building a dynamic environment starts at the top.

Throughout his career, Pitassi has strived to ensure all workers are welcomed and valued and have the tools needed to succeed and build a better company.

Doug Pitassi: tips for boosting morale

Guiding new hires is essential

Getting started at a new job is intimidating for anyone, and the pressure to master new tasks, meet new people, and perform can be overwhelming, even when the company is specifically discouraging stress.

To help new employees navigate, it’s important to stagger task delegation whenever possible and ensure there is adequate time for training, required meetings, mastering company best practices, and more. Attempt to stagger introductions to avoid social overwhelm. Consider an initial overview introduction and then planning space to develop closer connections over the first few weeks of work. Start with essential staff, such as immediate members and supervisors, and then move to adjacent teams.

As the president of Pacific Office Automation, Douglas Pitassi also believes leadership needs to take an active role in making workers feel welcome and ensuring they have the tools needed for success.

Training and Development

For Pitassi, something as important as training is also sharing knowledge with new hires and existing workers. Everyone makes certain mistakes at work, with clients or with customers at some point. Sharing these experiences is essential to help others avoid needless missteps. A workplace needs to be open enough for workers to feel comfortable sharing things that did not work. Pitassi spearheads this by sharing his own mistakes in an effort to help others feel comfortable and avoid similar situations.

Continued Education

For some employees, reminders are also necessary. Consider offering continuing education opportunities and refresher training on a regular basis to help keep staff informed. This doesn’t always have to take the form of a structured PowerPoint or actual coursework. Office newsletters, memos, and informal meetings can serve as an opportunity to repeat basics and identify stumbling blocks.

Allowing workers to opt-in for certain training opportunities is also a way to identify ambitious employees who may be more suited to the advancement and new challenges.

Utilizing these techniques and always considering the needs of employees has helped Pacific Office Automation grow into one of the largest businesses in office automation and IT services.


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