Do CBD Work Better Than Amlodipine For Blood Pressure?

blood pressure
blood pressure

Blood pressure and its management is very significant to ensure our overall well-being and good health of a person. While countless chemical-based medicines and drugs can help manage blood pressure, they are not necessarily safe and healthy. Therefore, experts across the globe are exploring CBD gummies to address the health scares associated with high blood pressure and other heart-related conditions.

Amlodipine is an oral tablet and a prescription drug generally prescribed to deal with various health conditions like blood pressure, chest pain (angina), and other coronary artery diseases. A calcium channel blocker helps dilate blood vessels and enhances healthy blood flow. Amlodipine can be given to people either in isolation or in addition to other medicines to treat blood pressure or heart-related medications. 

CBD is a revolutionary compound loaded with potential qualities that can offer medicinal and therapeutic benefits. The unique and powerful compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the human body and offers all potential benefits. However, a great advantage of using CBD is that, unlike other cannabinoids, it does not amount to any psychoactive effect that can lead to intoxicating or mind-altering experiences. The compound is legal as per Farm Bill 2018 as long as it does not contain more than .3% traces of THC in it.

Can CBD be used in place of Amlodipine?

Amlodipine works in a simple way as far as treating blood pressure is concerned. The compound relaxes the person’s blood vessels, and as a result, the heart is relieved from pumping hard, and the blood pressure gets reduced. As mentioned above, Amlodipine is a calcium chain blocker; this form of drug restricts calcium from entering critical tissues and arteries. Thus, this property of calcium chain blockers like Amlodipine helps maintain healthy blood flow and, in turn, lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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Additionally, Amlodipine is also prescribed by experts as a drug to prevent cases of chest pain (angina). The potential ability of the drug to reduce the pressure on the heart to pump hard can help reduce the chances of chest pain. With an increased supply of blood to the heart, there is a potentially significant lowering of the risk of chest pain. It is crucial to highlight that experts suggest that regular intake of Amlodipine can help reduce chest pain; However, it won’t be effective when the pain has already begun.

Blood pressure can have severe consequences if not treated appropriately. Untreated blood pressure can adversely affect the brain, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and other body parts. However, Amlodipine is not the safest and guaranteed solution to blood-pressure-related troubles. A person needs to be very careful when consuming Amlodipine.

CBD can be used in place of Amlodipine. Available in various forms like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate, the compound has shown various benefits. Considerable evidence from ongoing research has highlighted that CBD can have a significant role in dealing with blood pressure, heart conditions, chest pain, etc. The interaction between CBD and the endocannabinoid system of the human body leads to regulating various bodily functions, including blood pressure. 

blood pressure
blood pressure

Research has highlighted that when a person experiences increased blood pressure due to stress and other similar conditions, CBD can help reduce such an increase in blood pressure. Two studies conducted in 2017 on humans and mice indicated that CBD could significantly reduce people’s blood pressure suffering from stress. Another study conducted in 2020 has also supported early research and highlighted that stress-induced blood-pressure rise could be addressed using CBD.

CBD has displayed vasodilatory effects in humans and rats. This property of CBD can help maintain and enhance healthy blood flow by widening a person’s blood vessels.

Sometimes a person might experience blood pressure and related troubles due to lack of sleep, rest, and anxiety. The relaxing and soothing effects of CBD can help a person deal with stress, sleep-related problems like insomnia, etc. Thus a person runs a lesser risk of having high blood pressure by addressing the potential causes.

It has been observed that taking amlodipine with other medications can lead to adverse reactions. Even though it has been highlighted that amlodipine can be used with other medicines, it has led to adverse reactions in some cases. It is crucial to understand and appreciate that it is not necessary that an adverse reaction necessarily means to be fatal. Additionally, there are chances that a person might suffer from health conditions that require them to take multiple medicinal compounds. 

An alteration in how a drug works can also amount to an adverse reaction. Some medications that do not work well with Amlodipine include diltiazem, as it can hike the amount of Amlodipine present in the body and cause severe side effects. Similarly, antifungal medicines, antibiotics, etc., can only be used after consulting an expert. In comparison, CBD does not have such restrictions or adverse interaction properties.

Furthermore, multiple studies have highlighted that CBD can help maintain the good health of a person’s heart and reduce the chances of stroke and heart attack. Thus, CBD gummies can be an excellent replacement for Amlodipine.

Moreover, since CBD gummies are flavorful and infused with high-quality ingredients and organic aromatic and flavoring agents, they are far more enjoyable and smooth than Amlodipine tablets.

Amlodipine tablets
Amlodipine tablets

There are several advantages of using a product like CBD in place of Amlodipine. Thus, the cbd cherry gummies have a safer profile than Amlodipine. The compound is not known to have any adverse effects or dependency issues. Furthermore, Amlodipine cannot be consumed if a person has had liver-related issues and certain heart-related conditions. Thus, CBD has a comparatively safe medical profile. Even though the FDA and WHO have acknowledged the potential benefits of CBD, they require more concrete research to come to a firm conclusion. However, talk to an expert before using CBD for blood pressure and heart-related conditions.


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