Decorating Your Restaurant


Owning a restaurant means you have several items you have to keep track of. Common business concerns such as paying rent, employee management, procuring supplies, and marketing are all issues that will occupy your time. One aspect of restaurant ownership not to overlook is your furniture and decoration. Something as familiar as square restaurant tables can be an important part of your restaurant. Here are some elements of design to keep in mind when designing the layout of your restaurant.

Designing Your Restaurant’s Layout: Things To Keep in Mind

  • Your Space: every restaurant has its specifics to keep in mind when designing the dining area. Some restaurants have large and open floor space while others are much smaller and may have a non-traditional layout. Also, you have to make the best use of the space you have. Some restaurants focus on having full capacity, while others focus on comfort and the dining experience. Your needed capacity and the amount of time a customer spends in your restaurant can vary depending on the type of food you offer.
  • The Light: use of light is an important part of décor in both homes and businesses. The proper lighting can set the mood for your restaurant’s overall theme and set expectations for customers. Good lighting also makes customers more comfortable once they are in your restaurant enjoying a meal.
  • Use of Colors: proper use of colors can entice customers and, according to some studies influence emotions. Red, for example, is said to make people hungry, which is one reason the color red is used by many fast food chains. Green promotes calmness and peace and can be combined with decorative plants. You should make use of colors to promote the emotions and feelings that match your menu and overall theme.
  • The Type of Furniture: your furniture should match your restaurant’s food and how you interact with customers. For example, if you service the lunch crowd, people may not stay very long, instead preferring to get food to go or to eat quickly. By comparison, a restaurant that focuses on dinner and nights out will have customers stay far longer. If customers tend to stay longer and bring family, you should have comfortable seating and booths. For take-out restaurants, chairs and tables can be more economical and simple.
  • Heat and Cooling: while not a part of the decoration, keeping your customers comfortable is an important part of your restaurant’s layout. Keeping your restaurant cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and properly ventilated is an important part of keeping your customers happy and more likely to return.
  • Cleaning Needs: when buying furniture and décor you shouldn’t forget the upkeep needs. If you make use of simple plastic chairs and wooden tables, cleaning is not overly involved. However, furniture that makes use of fabrics and cushioning requires more detailed cleaning, and regular cleanup at the end of the business day will take longer.

The layout of your restaurant can be as important as the food. The proper furniture and use of space improve customer satisfaction and keep your regular visitors coming back for more.


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