Dartnall Mini Storage review: A True Guide

Dartnall Mini Storage

Self-storage units in Hamilton are one of the best ways to store goods. They make it very convenient for everyone to store and access their items. Dartnall Mini Storage is one of the top self-storage companies. 

Moreover, many of their customers refer to them as one of the best self-storage companies in Canada. They have excellent services which make them a fan favorite. Further, they are one of the largest self-storage companies in Canada. 

Therefore, they have tons of services for their customers. We have made a comprehensive review of their services. Above all, this article will help you decide if this company is the right choice for you. 

  • Types of units

Dartnall Mini Storage has some of the best self-storage units in Hamilton. The company has been improving its business for many years. They are one of the best self-storage companies which want to provide the best storage solutions to their customers. 

Therefore, they have tons of different sizes of units to choose from. Moreover, the company has more than 6 different sizes. All of these options allow you to pay for only the required amount of storage space. 

Further, you will find the exact dimensions on their website. They also help you to understand what type of items you will be able to fit inside these storage units. Most importantly, this is one of the top self-storage companies in Canada. They will leave you spoilt for choices when it comes to self-storage units in Hamilton. 

  1. Security features

This company is one of the largest self-storage companies in Canada. Therefore, they have some of the best security features. All of the storage units in the facility are individually alarmed. This ensures there is no unauthorized access to your storage unit. Moreover, all of their storage locations have onsite managers. 

These managers help to keep your goods safe at all times. Further, the entire facility is under video surveillance. The company has employed all of the security measures to keep your items safe. 

The company also has insurance facilities in addition to good security. You can get insurance at cheap rates to add the final layer of protection for your goods. Above all, all of these security features make them one of the best self-storage companies in Canada. They have some of the safest self-storage units in Hamilton. 

  • Additional amenities

This is one of the best self-storage in Canada that provides additional amenities. You will find tons of extra things. These additional amenities will make you love the company. The entire facility is well lit to ensure customers have a good experience regardless of the time of day they visit the facility. 

Moreover, many of the units have drive-up access. This allows you to drive your vehicle up to the storage unit. Therefore, you get to store your goods without any difficulties. Further, the company also accepts deliveries. 

This allows you to ship items directly to your storage unit instead of moving them there yourself. This is ideal for all business owners. 

  • Ease of business

The company makes it convenient for you to rent self-storage units in Hamilton. They have convenient locations. These locations are placed in the city. Therefore, you will not have to drive long distances to access your storage unit. 

Moreover, the company allows access to the storage units 7 days a week. This ensures you can get your items whenever you feel like doing so. You can access the units from 6 in the morning to 11 at night. 

Having long access hours is beneficial for all storage unit owners. The company justifies the tag of being one of the best self-storage companies. They provide you with some of the most convenient self-storage in Hamilton. 

  • Price

All of their units are reasonably priced. The company has some of the best prices when it comes to storage units in Hamilton. Their prices start at $78 for the first month. Moreover, the prices vary depending on the size and the type of storage unit you select. 

They are one of the largest storage companies in Canada. Therefore, they have a variety of storage units at different prices. You will find the ideal storage unit at prices that you will love. Further, they do not require any security deposit. This is one of the top self-storage companies which have the best policies and prices in the region. 


This company offers top-tier services. They have tons of positive reviews from clients across Canada. The company has been at the top of its game for quite a long time. Moreover, the stunning prices will help you find affordable storage units in Hamilton. 

All of these units have amazing features which makes them some of the best in the country. Further, the company truly cares about its clients. They have the best facilities and you will love all of their services.  


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