A Comprehensive Guide About Custom Mylar Bags

mylar bags

Mylar bags have transformed the packaging sector. You can store supplements and food products without worrying about environmental variables for longer.  

Mylar is the finest polyester film available and has high tensile strength. It regulates temperature and withstands water, temperature, insects, humidity, and sunlight. Numerous environmental issues can be sufficiently overcome by it.  

This blog will provide complete detail about custom mylar bags, what they are, what different types of mylar bags are, and what their benefits are!

What Are Mylar Bags? 

Before going into depth about the structure and types of mylar bags, let’s define them for better understanding! 

DuPont created the polyester film known under the trademarked name “Mylar” in the 1950s. PET film that has been stretched takes on a grid-like shape and becomes thinner.  Thick aluminum foil is used to make mylar bags custom. The thickest quality bag is up to 5 mils. Avoid the ones that are sprayed on metalized polyester. Simply put, they aren’t the same.” 

Types Of Mylar Bags 

These bags come in different types to suit the packaging needs of various products. Following are a few different types of mylar bags that you will find in the market: 

  1. Stand Up Pouches 

The normal flat button bags and the stand-up mylars are not that different from one another. The shape of these bags is the only thing that differs. The stand-up mylar has no lamination compared to the square bottom bags. Their bottoms can be square, rectangular, circular, or oval with gussets. 

  1. Child-Resistant Mylar Bags 

Child-proof custom mylar bags are just improved versions of everyday mylar bags. The sole difference between these bags and vacuum seal, ziplock, or other mylar bag types is an additional locking mechanism that prevents spills and children’s access to the inner contents. Thanks to the security lock, your kids won’t be able to open the mylar bags. 

  1. Zip Lock Mylar Bags 

There are scenarios when you must frequently access the products that are stored. Thus, you require reusable mylar bags. The best bags for this are ziplock bags. The top of the mylar bag has two sides, each with a small liner that slides into the opposite side. So, a light pull and press will open and close this mylar. 

  1. Vista Mylar Bags With Windows  

Choose window mylar bags if you require a mylar that can protect your merchandise and let you see what’s inside. This particular mylar bag has two-layer attractions.  

While the front portion is completely or partially transparent, like a window, the back layer is wholly transparent. This panel has a superb protective function and is made of high-quality polymer. It will make sure the item inside receives enough odor and moisture protection. 

Advantages Of Mylar Bags 

Using ordinary sealer bags, such as plastic or Ziploc bags, can deteriorate food products because they do not shield your goods from light, moisture, or odor. In terms of creating an oxygen and moisture barrier that helps preserve your product and keep it fresh, large Mylar bags are an exceptional choice.  

There are some beneficial aspects of custom mylar bags; some of them are: 

  1. Odor And Moisture Resistant  

Many items in the herbal supplements, pharmaceutical, food, and nutritional products market require special protection to keep the products fresh and stop odors from leaking. Today’s custom mylar and flexible packaging materials use high-barrier films to keep moisture out while keeping aromas from escaping the bag. 

The advantage? Your product keeps its quality while remaining fresh. Additionally, you won’t have to be concerned with unpleasant odors emanating from the area. 

  1. Puncture And Tear-Resistant  

Food and supplement suppliers must use packaging resistant to tears and punctures, especially if they must ship their products to far regions. It’s crucial to keep some products out of the reach of children to preserve their freshness. 

Custom mylar bags and other flexible packaging materials, like lie flat, roll stock, and stand-up pouches, are made to not rip or damage while being handled by customers while transported or on the shelf. 

  1. Oxygen Resistant  

Food can lose its freshness, color, and flavor due to exposure to oxygen and the sun. All plants, food items, seeds, and dry products can be packaged in mylar bags. These bags’ specific locking mechanism ensures that they are completely oxygen-resistant.  

Mylar bags offer strong oxygen protection, preserving food for longer periods while maintaining its freshness. Additionally, your product’s shelf life will be extended by this. 

  1. Mylar Bags Are Reusable 

Small mylar bags are of great quality and can be used for various purposes. They can be used multiple times without deteriorating the quality of inner content. Their reusable nature is highly beneficial for our ecosystem.  

  1. Assure Environment Protection 

Today, with environmental protection taking on greater importance, many brands choose a package vendor only if they can demonstrate that the materials used in the packaging are environmentally benign. 

If you want to take an environmentally responsible approach to your packaging strategy, look for suppliers who make packaging that is 100% recyclable and include elements like CR zippers and sustainable film frameworks. 

  1. Mylar Bags Are Pocket-Friendly 

Wholesale mylar bags are a cost-effective packaging approach than traditional packaging solutions. They are budget-friendly and provide a great opportunity to store and advertise your products. You can place your order in bulk to package your products at wholesale prices.

  1. Comprises Sealable Closures 

Larger serving sizes require packaging with air-tight and water-tight resealable closures to maintain product freshness and prevent odors from escaping. The bag has a hole at the top where you can see the air inside.  

Final Verdict! 

Mylar bags are the shining star of the packaging industry. These bags are a great solution to store food products for longer. They are tear-resistant, oxygen, temperature, and light-resistant preventing inner content deterioration. These bags are perfect for shipping purposes due to their puncture-resistant properties.  

Zip lock properties and versatility in shapes and sizes make them popular among brands. They are child-resistant and provide different businesses with a custom packaging approach. If you have been considering mylar bags to meet your packaging needs, now it’s time to start! 


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