Common problems that you can face with the PDF format

PDF format

PDF is one of the most commonly used document formats that is being used in different industries across the globe. There are many benefits of using PDF files which is why you can see that more than 70% of documents in the world are stored and shared in this particular format.

PDF files cannot be edited because of their portable nature; moreover, you can also secure PDF files with a password which makes them one of the safest file formats in the world. Now there are many more pros to this format but you must also know the drawbacks of PDF. Like every other document format, PDF files also have some disadvantages. 

Here we have discussed some of the common problems that you might face with the PDF format. 

Disadvantages of the PDF format that you should know about!

Here are some of the common drawbacks of the PDF format:

PDF files cannot be edited

An important thing that you need to know is that PDF files cannot be edited by nature. Once you have saved a document in PDF you cannot make changes to it and this is because the portable nature of this format. You must know that if you need to make changes in a PDF file then you either have to type it down all over again or you would have to get a paid PDF editor tool. This makes editing PDF files both hectic and expensive.

Now there is an easier way to make changes in a PDF file but for that, you need a strong web connection and a browser. You can easily find PDF to Word converter tools on the internet using which you can convert PDF to word and make changes to it. After making changes in the document you can save it back in PDF or you can also use the word to PDF converter tools.

LINUX users cannot view PDF files without installing specific programs

You must have heard a lot of times that PDF files are universally compatible with every device and you don’t need specific software to utilize them. Well, this is not completely true, you should know that PDF files can be created and viewed on all devices but for some operating systems, you need to install specific software programs to cater to this format.

UNIX and LINUX users cannot view, create or store PDF files without having third-party software programs installed on them. These programs are usually paid which is why it can be expensive to use PDF on these OS.

The large size of PDF files can be annoying sometimes

Another demerit of the PDF format is its size. Large PDF files can be a pain in the bum for users. Large PDF files for your knowledge cannot be read, opened, edited, shared, or uploaded on the web. This makes these kinds of files hard to manage.

Now if you end up creating or receiving a large PDF file and don’t know how to manage it then it can be a hell of a situation for you. In the past, there was no known way of reducing the size of the file so users had to manually type down the file again while getting rid of all the unnecessary elements. But today you don’t have to worry about manually reducing the size of PDF files as you have online tools that can help you with this problem.

You can use the online PDF compressor tools to shrink the size of large PDF files. The PDF compressor tools are free and quite easy to use. These tools can reduce the size of the file without damaging its quality.

PDF files have a clumsy layout if compared to MS Word

Another thing that you need to know about PDF files is that they have a funny layout which makes them hard to view on full pages. It is true that PDF files are best for printing documents on A4 or A3 pages but you must know that on computers or other devices it is hard to view a complete PDF document on a single page.

Because of this drawback of the format, you have to do a lot of scrolling and zooming to find the contents you are looking for. So you can say that this con of the PDF files contributes to dissatisfying the user. 

PDF format is very basic and in some cases outdated

There is no doubt about the fact that you can add interactive elements to the PDF file but that doesn’t mean that this format is attractive for the users. The fact of the matter is that PDF files are not engaging and this is because they are simple and rigid.

The presentation of the PDF files is quite basic which is considered to be a big drawback of it. Today users are more interested and attracted to documents that can cater to all sorts of visual content like the digital flip book!

Is PDF format going to die soon?

Knowing about all these drawbacks you must be wondering whether PDF files have a bright future or not. Well, you must know that today there are many more options available in the digital world as an alternative to the PDF format which is more innovative and interesting. But this doesn’t mean that the PDF format is dying soon or losing popularity.

PDF files are getting more popular every turning day and this is just because of reliability and security. The PDF format is internationally renowned which is not the case with any other document format you hear about. So PDF files are surely here to say but you can surely say that if major updates are not seen in the format then it might not be prominent in the future as it is today!

The best use of this format today is in the business world. If you want to share or store resumes, quotations, estimates, invoices, bills, or other confidential documents then the best choice you have is PDF!


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