Commercial cleaning: What is it, and what are the benefits?


Although anyone can know ​​what commercial cleaning is, the truth is that it is a task with more responsibility and complexity than what is appreciated at first glance. Therefore, here we will talk about what it really is and its greatest benefits.

What is commercial cleaning?

Clearly, if we talk about commercial cleaning, the definition is expected to be simple, but it is not that simple; why? Because commercial environments are not so easy to keep clean and less free of fomites, which are present in the places with which we have the most contact.

In addition, there are spaces in which not only workers enter but also visitors, clients, suppliers, or external workers. Other commercial spaces are made for a large number of new people to enter every day, such as shopping malls, industrial plants, cinemas, and so on.

This is how commercial cleaning becomes complex because it is carried out in all areas of a building or institution to ensure that there are no bacteria or viruses on surfaces and in the environment. The latter is especially relevant since the appearance of Covid-19, and, without a doubt, at least for a long time, it will not cease to be a priority.


Commercial cleaning is not something that anyone can do without proper training and the right products. If any of those elements in the equation fail, then it is NOT about commercial cleansing.

And it is that, to achieve the degree of hygiene that a company requires, both well-educated and committed hands are needed, as well as the tools, products, and machinery that make it possible. The reliability of the cleaning staff in a company is also key.

So, now that it is a little clearer what it is and how commercial cleaning can be classified as such, it is time to see some of its benefits.

Benefits of commercial cleaning

Promotes productivity

All the collaborators of an organization know well that their office is like their second home. Suppose your second home is dirty, uncomfortable, and even unsanitary. How can you expect them to work happily and productively? 

On the other hand, if your work inspires you to be impeccable, tidy, and clean, then commercial cleanliness becomes a factor that promotes everyone’s productivity.

Corporate image

The image of a company has been, is, and will continue to be a highly relevant factor for any organization. For this reason, having a commercial cleaning service that eradicates the possibility of damaging the company’s image is one of the great advantages of this service.

Let’s just think about entering offices with a lot of garbage, messy, dirty corridors, and bathrooms with a bad smell. Would you feel comfortable? That company would have a terrible image before anyone.

Health security

The most important thing is to have health security since and after Covid-19 came around, and businesses must be even more careful with these issues today.

In addition to the fact that there are sanctions for organizations that do not carry out adequate commercial cleaning in times of pandemic; Nowadays, health security has also become a strategic part of the business process of many companies.

Security and confidence in your facilities

Although this benefit may not be offered by other organizations, at Evergreen cleaning systems, we make sure to recruit specific profiles, carry out confidence tests and constantly train our cleaning operators.

We know that a company that opened its business doors to us and gave us its total trust requires security and a feeling of trust, with personnel who are also properly identified and uniformed.

Comprehensive Cleaning Evergreen

At Evergreen, we know that our customers are the most important thing. For this reason, we have a comprehensive commercial cleaning system whose axis is operations’ design, execution, control, and measurement. 

All these actions are monitorable and measurable to optimize the cleaning processes in your company.


It is a good idea to mention that, in addition to the space sanitization and surface disinfection service at Evergreen, we also offer you upholstery and carpet washing, deep cleaning of spaces, floor polishing, window washing, facades, and domes in height.

All these services round off the commercial cleaning service we offer. If you are interested in hiring office cleaners near me, contact us, and we will take care of clearing up your doubts and properly planning the commercial cleaning that your company requires.

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