Colorbond Sheds: What Are They and What Are Their Advantages?

Colorbond Sheds

A colorbond shed is primarily a steel sheet that has been powder coated in your prefered colour. Colorbond sheds are an attractive and durable option to standard corrugated iron custom sheds. They do not rust and must last for ten to fifteen years under typical usage conditions, despite their appearance of a stainless or galvanised steel sheen. 

Colorbond sheds are primarily made of steel sheeting in 4.5m x 2.4m panels. Colorbond comes in two varieties: galvanised and non-galvanised. Both alternatives complement steel buildings and provide adequate weather protection.

What Exactly Is Galvanised Colorbond?

Galvanised colorbond sheds are produced from steel sheets that have been galvanised by being dipped into molten zinc and then baked. As a result, a robust barrier against corrosion forms, protecting the steel core of the sheet. Galvanised sheds are powder coated with a zinc phosphate layer, making them easy to maintain.

How Resistant Is Galvanised Steel To Elements?

Colorbond galvanised is great in harsh weather conditions and thus suitable for the Australian climate. It is non-magnetic, thermally insulating, and will not rust. Painting over galvanised steel, on the other hand, will easily chip off and can cause corrosion to form on the base material beneath.

In general, once you’ve decided on galvanised farm custom sheds, it’s best not to paint them again because the outcome will be less than desirable. In recent years, a new alternative has emerged that can still protect metal sheeting while maintaining its appearance; galvalume steel sheets provide similar properties to galvanised steel at half the price and without the need for painting.

How Long Can A Galvanised Shed Be Expected To Last?

A galvanised shed is an excellent investment. Under normal Australian conditions, the average life expectancy is 15 years. To keep your colorbond looking new for longer, use regular preventative maintenance such as an occasional wash and seal any damaged spaces with brush oil or rust converter paint.

Can Galvanised Colorbond Be Painted?

Only paint galvanised steel if it is going to be powder coated. Galvanised steel sheeting should only be painted with brush oil or rust converter paint because these paints do not contain any harmful chemicals that could cause corrosion.

What Exactly Is A Non-Galvanised Colorbond?

Untreated steel is used to construct non-galvanised colorbond sheds. Because it lacks a zinc coating, it can corrode over time if exposed to rain or moisture without appropriate maintenance. On the other hand, this type of panel will protect itself by forming an oxide layer on its surface, preventing further damage for many years. 

How Long Can A Galvanised Shed Be Expected To Last?

Non-galvanised are less sturdy and should only last about ten years under normal usage conditions. Because it can be painted with any exterior paint, this type of sheeting is ideal for people who want to paint their colorbond custom sheds.

What Kinds Of Coatings Are Appropriate For Non-Galvanised Colorbond?

Aside from having your metal sheeted shed coated in any colour, you can also add decorative coatings, including wood stains, automotive paints, and water-based emulsion paints, as long as the surface is properly prepared with a degreaser and rust converter. It is critical to note that oil-based, epoxy paints or solvents are not appropriate for non-galvanised colorbond.

What Is Powder Coating?

It is a non-liquid protective finish that is applied to the surface of metal sheeting in powder form. An airless spray gun and a crosslinking agent are blended and applied in many layers until a hard-wearing film forms on top of your steel sheeting. 

The powder coating is baked at high temperatures until it achieves an oven-baked finish. This implies you can employ it safely outdoors or indoors without worrying about toxins being released into the environment. Colorbond is an excellent fencing material.

What Colours Are Available?

There is a wide colour range that may suit you depending on your exact requirements, and even more when powder coatings are considered. The most common steel sheeting colours are red corrugated, weathered grey, green corrugated, blue corrugated, and brown corrugated. They are also available in the deep ocean, shale grey, cottage green, and classic cream. Powder coating colours include pink, bright orange, yellow, and white, among many others. To create a perfect appearance, the colour of the doors should complement the colour of the entire structure.

Advantages of Colorbond Shed

Colorbond sheds have numerous advantages, including:

  • Flexibility And Efficiency In Design. They are quick and simple to erect on-site. It saves both money and time. They are precisely specified to ensure that there is no or minimal waste.
  • Colour Options. Colorbond sheds are available in a wide range of colours.
  • Strength And Durability. These colorbond sheds are corrosion-resistant and baked after painting to avoid blistering, peeling and flaking under normal weather conditions. They are extremely dependable and long-lasting, having been tested in a variety of weather conditions, and are thus widely used in industrial and commercial applications.

Colorbond shedding is a new-generation invention that is becoming increasingly popular in many areas. They are a good buy for the money and a must-have for people who live in bad-weather areas.

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