What Features to Consider for Choosing Car Antenna?

car antenna

For high-quality radio signal reception, a radio receiver must be installed in the car, as well as a car antenna. It should be borne in mind that auto antennas are different:

  • Active car antenna;
  • Passive antenna for the car;

Each of these options has both its advantages and disadvantages. Read more in our article.

The Antenna on The Car: What You Need to Know

To date, it is customary to distinguish two main types of antennas: passive and active antennas.

Such receivers differ in their principle of operation and also have certain pros and cons.

Passive car antenna

This solution is simple and affordable, the main task is to receive a signal and transmit it to the radio. It is important to understand that such an antenna for a car does not have an amplifier.

  1. As a result, a passive car antenna will work well only where the radio signal is strong and stable (as a rule, such a signal in large cities). If you go to the track, the reception quality deteriorates significantly.
  2. Moreover, even in a city where there are many tall buildings with a frame of metal reinforcement, passive antennas cannot provide reception without unnecessary noise and quality loss.
  3. Also, the presence of tinting on the glasses affects the radio signal. The tint film uses a metal coating that acts as a kind of “screen”, as a result of which the signal passes worse. For outdoor antennas, this is not a hindrance, but indoor tinting is often an obstacle.

Please note that even a modern and high-quality car radio will not solve the problem with the antenna. The solution would be to install a car bullet antenna amplifier or buy an active car antenna.

Active car antenna

In practice, installing an amplifier on a passive antenna today is impractical, since it is easier to immediately install an active antenna. Such car antennas are widely available for sale, installation is also not difficult.

An active antenna for a car is able to qualitatively amplify the signal for clear reception of radio stations outside the city.

If we consider the disadvantages, an active car antenna has the following disadvantages:

  • If the signal is initially strong, its additional amplification can significantly degrade the quality;
  • The price of an active antenna is much higher compared to a passive one;
  • An active antenna amplifier requires additional power.

This nuance should be paid attention to when buying active antennas. The amplifier mute button makes the antenna universal, allowing you to always have high-quality sound:

  • In a city where the signal is initially strong (the amplifier is turned off; the antenna operates in passive mode);
  • Outside the city (the signal is weak; the amplifier is turned on).

Antenna for a car: what is Better to choose

When choosing a car antenna, it is necessary to separately take into account a number of basic nuances:

  • Car operating conditions;
  • Signal quality in the region;
  • Antenna cost and ease of installation.

For example, if the car is in the city all the time, the radio also catches well, then there is no need to buy an active antenna with an amplifier.

Also, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the functionality of the device. If the multimedia system in the car provides the ability to watch TV, then it must be remembered that modern active antennas can receive both radio and television signals.


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