Cheap hosting, Dedicated Mail Servers and VPS: where to find them

Cheap hosting

It has been just over 3 years – yet it seems centuries have passed – since the Covid-19 virus began to transform our lifestyle habits, including aspects related to the organization of our work.

The covid has claimed victims, caused anguish and finally dealt a coup de grace to the world economy, putting it in crisis.

In all this, professionals (artisans, self-employed and freelancers), as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, paid the most for the consequences – in terms of earnings.

Workers belonging to these sectors were literally overwhelmed by a series of events, for which they were not prepared.

The consequence was therefore the definitive closure of their commercial activity (for many), but as often happens in these cases, the luck of (many) others.

The youngest and most astute have in fact been able to adapt to that process of change dictated by information technology, which responds to the name of digitization, which had been in the air for some time but which has recently undergone a drastic acceleration.

All the others, on the other hand, either because they were older people, or because of their attachment to traditional physical commerce, unfortunately paid the price.

Having made this broad premise, we are absolutely not saying that e-commerce (we are referring to the famous online shops set up through eCommerce) and online sales are the only way to go, however a physical activity, compared to what we have seen in the last 3 years, in order to keep its profits high or to expand its customer base, it should certainly have a department dedicated to online sales.

The same goes for freelancers, who do not offer physical products but mainly consultancy and services, but still need their own online showcase.

In this second case, to increase your online visibility, it is certainly necessary to put a website or a blog online.

However, both categories, although they aim at different objectives, that is to structure an ecommerce in the 1st case and create a blog in the 2nd, share the same basic need: the search for the right provider – or web host – that can host online such websites.

Keliweb, Netsons, Serverplan, VHosting, SupportHost: which one to choose?

Bumping into the network, if you were not an expert, you could run into millions of offers dedicated to choosing the best hosting in order to set up, through a specific CMS, the blog or ecommerce of your dreams.

Well, we do not want to nip your ambitions in the bud, but to give you valuable advice aimed at the right choice regarding the hosting that suits your needs: some could orient themselves towards sites that guarantee at least 50,000 visits per month, for example through cheap Joomla hosting, or even WordPress hosting or, finally, the best Prestashop hosting; of a completely different opinion, however, could be others, who would like or might want to focus on something decidedly more handsome, with a view to a huge company expansion; in this case the right choice would be to move towards a VPS.

As you will have understood then, web server, web space or hosting space, memory and CMS are crucial factors to be able to scale.

However, this should not lead us to neglect other aspects such as the possibility of being able to take advantage of an impeccable assistance service, reachable 24 hours a day.

Well, given and considering all the factors at play, we cannot fail to rely on is currently the only Italian search engine entirely dedicated to Hosting, Domains, Email, PEC, Dedicated Servers, Certificates, and Cloud Solutions.

Through this portal, it is in fact possible to filter, compare, search and purchase the best hosting plan related to your needs.

There are also services such as Dedicated Mail Server, Powermail, and the aforementioned VPS.

On, there are hosting plans (such as WordPress hosting, Joomla! Hosting, PrestaShop hosting, Windows hosting, and Magento hosting) offered by the best Italian providers, including Keliweb, Serverplan, Netsons, SupportHost, VHosting and many other.

Furthermore, before purchasing any service, we strongly advise our readers to take advantage of the Discount Codes on the site, in order to get most of the services with a discount ranging from a minimum of 10%, up to a conspicuous 30%.

Wanting to give an example before concluding, we can certainly admit that securing a Serverplan annual hosting plan for only € 16.80 is no small feat.

All this, by taking advantage of the Serverplan promo code, offered by

So don’t waste any more time, good luck and get start with your web project right away.

It will surely be a hit!


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