Can Overseas Pakistanis Invest in New Metro City of Gujar Khan?


Future residential construction will be located in New Metro City Gujar Khan. Construction on the huge expansion in the center of the city will soon get underway. As either a consequence, New Metro City Gujar Khan, will be the pinnacle of elegance and luxury, featuring state-of-the-art construction in an amazing location for a fair price. It is an opulent apartment building with numerous unique features.

Additionally, the community aims to meet the needs of every investor and will offer its residents a new standard of living with a variety of luxurious amenities. It will be a unique and exquisite housing property in city of Gujar Khan and offer a myriad of opportunities for lucrative purchases and opulent homes. Due to its outstanding amenities, this house development will also be a top draw for investors from abroad.


Accessibility is one of the most important aspects of this community because it is the most affordable housing project in Gujar Khan. Additionally, connecting to all significant Gujar Khan locations is rapid and simple.

The location of this society is also the main GT road. Nevertheless, the community will have a number of additional entry points. It may also be quickly and easily reached from a number of Gujar Khan areas and neighboring cities, such as Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Project Schedule

All potential residents of this housing complex will have access to first-rate home comforts. Additionally, a number of housing options with first-rate amenities will be available here.

Before someone makes a long-term investment, all essential and cutting-edge materials will be accessible. Ideally, this housing effort is still in the early stages. The majority of people can therefore pay the prices.

Price List

The price schedules for commercial and residential plots have not yet been made public by New Metro City of Gujar Khan, but they will soon. However, certain false price plans are available in the real estate market because the genuine authorities are not disclosing them.

Because these rates are fake which do not have approval, we kindly ask that you disregard them. Therefore, just like other housing complexes, the pre-launch costs are minimal and fairly reasonable for the residential development.

Key Elements

The developers of this lovely residential complex provide a number of advantages to potential residents. Furthermore, some of those crucial qualities include the following:

Business centers, educational institutions, medical facilities, shopping centers, gyms, restaurants, spas, availability of all necessities, graveyards, filtration facilities, mosques, parks, wide roads, and an environmentally friendly environment are just a few of the amenities listed. exceptional caliber Infrastructure

Reservation Process

For both domestic and foreign consumers, the plot reservation procedure is simple. Here are all of the instructions.

  • Completely fill out the reservation request form.
  • CNIC copies for the applicant should be affixed.
  • Please confirm the processing procedure in case of any new modifications before making the initial payments by check or cash payment.
  • Payments made are also made upon management verification.
  • submit the required paperwork, pay, and receive a receipt.
  • Moreover, the following documents are required in order to purchase a house in this housing society:
  • Two passport-sized photos; NICOP for overseas clients; two copies of the client’s national identification card; two copies of the client’s nominee’s identification card.


New Metro City, a brand-new residential construction by BSM Developers, is now under construction in Gujar Khan. The neighborhood is perfectly positioned on GT, with the main entry and numerous smaller entries coming from different places. By offering top-notch features and conveniences, it will become known as an unprecedented partnership and set itself apart from rivals.

The developers intend to provide the best life quality and economic opportunities to the people of Gujar Khan and the surrounding regions. As a result, it will be a prudent investment in real estate and a lovely place to live a cozy and contented life.

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