Camping Gifts for the High-Tech Campers

Camping Gifts

The serenity and exquisite beauty of nature beckon campers to leave their luxurious and high-tech toys and spend time closely with nature. But as much as you love reveling in the sounds of the chirping birds and the rustling leaves, of gurgling water sounds, you will also want the comfort of technology in the middle of the woods. 

So, what do you do when you want both and can’t compromise on one for the other? Of course, you refer to our camping gift ideas for the high-tech campers!

Below is a range of advanced and stellar high-tech gadgets, tools, and miscellaneous camping necessities. They promise to make camping for your high-tech campers more fun and a tad bit more luxurious. 

  • Bocce Sets for Illumination

The gadget spectrum is far broader now with the tech advancements than it was way back in the past for the campers. Then, campers had to wind up activities and fall before nightfall while away the time counting stars or retiring early for the night. 

But with the lighted bocce set varieties in the store, you can give your high-tech campers reasons to stay awake well into the night. There’s a bit more thrill in playing cards inside camping tents, reading, or having midnight jams with plenty of illumination. 

The bocce balls offer two light settings, along with being water-resistant. Hence, the next time you accidentally toss the lights uncomfortably close to the lakeshore, you don’t need to suffer a mini panic attack. The lights will work well enough for your late-night party in the woods. 

  • Personal Locator Beacon 

Personal safety and luxury are an absolute must on camping trips. A personal locator beacon offers plenty of safety, even for your wilderness-crazy, high-tech campers. The advanced locator beacons also offer several models using MHz signals and GPS trackers. 

This device constantly updates your position through satellite in case someone has to track you down if you’re lost or need help. This device is a great gift for campers who pick challenging hiking terrains, steer around tricky river bends or scale mountainsides.

  • Water Purifier 

Gone are the days when you had to pack gallons of water, enough to fill a swimming pool, to last an entire camping trip. If you are a high-tech camper or have a friend who is one, portable water purifiers are magic devices to gift.

Water purifier bottles are one of the most valuable gadgets, ensuring you always have safe and clean drinking water throughout your camping trip. These innovative products protect the campers from:

  • Microplastics
  • Heavy metals 
  • Chemicals 
  • Pesticides 
  • Contaminated water containing bacteria
  • Pathogens that are borne out of the water, including dysentery, salmonella, and cholera 

These purifier water bottles feature electroabsorption technology that hunts down contaminants in the water like a magnet. All the camper has to do is fill water with the source available on-site and push the inner bottle. The rest is for the purifier inside to work its magic!

  • Electric Hand Warmers 

Electric hand warmers will ensure your high-tech campers don’t have to suffer a moment of discomfort if the temperature turn biting cold outside. They’ll have warm toasted hands through the electric hand warmer you gifted them. These gadgets last six hours and charge through a USB port or the main socket. 

Don’t let the freezing winter cold keep your camping enthusiast away from the woods when the electric hand warmer is readily available. 

  • Nano Grid Lighting System 

Some of the most notable brands have offered innovative lighting systems for high-tech campers. They’re worth the value for money, considering the multiple and customizable lighting options they provide. 

Additionally, these tech tools have a packable and sleek design, so you can count on them to not lose power while in the middle of the woods. These products also charge through other devices along with a USB port. So if your high-tech campers wish for a scenic or romantic setting smack in the middle of a thick forest, gift this one to them. 

  • Cooking Systems 

Thanks to the massive tech progress, a range of devices and tools make a camper’s life easy. If you are a high-tech camper who loves the outdoors but enjoys the comfort of tech luxury, then a tech cooking system is what you need. 

Reputed companies offer camping cooking vessels that flash boil water in 100 seconds and are faster than ordering a hot drink at coffee shops. Connecting to a burner, these vessels feature a push-button igniter. Since they also have a gas cartridge and a heat indicator, the color change on the latter indicates when the water is boiling. 

Moreover, these cooking vessels feature a bottom cover that doubles up as a measuring cup or a bowl. Aren’t they handy features when you wish to enjoy great beverages and meals in the middle of the woods?

  • Tech-Friendly Gloves 

Has your high-tech camping friend often lamented the worst enemies on their camping trips? Surely you know smartphones and gloves are arch rivals on a camping trip. They don’t align, which is quite a problem for campers trying to use their touch screen. 

What about your camper friend who struggles to type on their devices due to moist or dirty fingers? Well, you can now solve their problem by gifting them tech-friendly gloves. You will find these products as touchscreen gloves in the markets. 

The best part is that the entire glove is tech-friendly, not just the gloves’ fingertips. They’re also quite pocket-friendly and a superb gift for a camper who cannot stay away from their beloved gadgets in the woods. 

  • Satellite Phone

The seasoned and adventure-hungry campers do not usually stop at a safe point in the woods. Besides, what’s the fun of camping when it doesn’t give you a rush of adrenaline? Hence, many campers often go scaling mountainsides, wander to far-off, forgotten locations, and go deep into the heart of nature. 

But in doing so, their ordinary phones fail to keep up with their location and give them communication access. This is why a satellite phone is an ideal gift for a high-tech camper. Satellite phones are not your average android variety: these promise the fastest, global network and reliable technical support. 

No matter which corner of the earth your camper friend wanders off to, you will rest easy knowing your can contact them through the satellite phone. In cases of emergency, even when the telephone and electric lines fail, a satellite phone will reach through. 

Hence, this is the gift to give a high-tech camper and empower them to explore secluded forests and camp high in the mountains or near rolling streams. Their satellite phone will help them stay in touch!

  • Solar Camp Shower 

We all adore nature, as do the high-tech campers, but no one enjoys the grit and grime sticking to your skin. If you know the dirt is unbearable for your high-tech camper, gift them a solar camp shower to keep them comfortably clean while reveling in nature. 

Solar camp showers also feature advanced elements that provide pressurized and heated shower options. Let sunlight and gravity do the work while your friend enjoys modern comforts in the middle of the forest!

Final Thoughts 

Camping is all about nature, scenery, and an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. But as much as many adore the beauty, serenity, peace, and calm: they can’t do without tech luxuries. This list of tech camping gadgets and devices will be a superb gift option for a camping enthusiast anytime. 

It will also ensure they have memorable camping trips while enjoying the best technology in nature. 


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