Are Business Cards Still Valid For New Business Startups?

Business Cards

It’s easy to get carried away. In today’s world, technology is pervasive. We’ve changed how we communicate, shop, and engage with the world. Printed publications will soon be a thing of the past, based on how we currently obtain information. In light of these alterations, we’re left wondering what will take the place of business cards?

Soon, digital business cards will likely displace their paper counterparts to do business. It’s unlikely business cards will be phased out in favor of something with an entirely different concept shortly.

Since digital business cards are expected to replace physical business cards eventually, should we stop purchasing physical business cards immediately? Because let’s face it, how many individuals do you know who utilize digital business cards in their daily lives? Not the majority, most likely.

Can we say goodbye to business cards?

Business cards haven’t gone away. Every day, millions of organizations and individuals worldwide utilize these tools to expand their networks and find new customers. Although business cards are a part of our daily lives, they are no longer as prevalent as they once were. In the past, the most efficient way to share your contact information with anyone was through business cards, and the majority of marketing initiatives necessitated that the target audience was physically there. Things have changed drastically in the modern era. Professional information about your company or services may still be effectively shared through business cards. It’s also possible to do this using social media, a website, an ad on YouTube, etc. It’s tempting to imagine that because there are so many communication options accessible today, business cards are no longer relevant, but they are.

What will happen to business cards by the year 2022?

A business card is still helpful in 2022, even if it has been a year since you’ve seen one. Indeed, many printing companies feared that business cards would become obsolete due to the epidemic when corporations stopped purchasing business cards because every meeting was held online. However, now that things are returning to normal, we’ve seen that many businesses are printing business cards at a higher rate than in the past. Many theories are floating around why businesses have re-emphasized printed materials in their marketing efforts. As far as we can tell, many people prefer to interact with others face-to-face. As a result, business cards are a must in face-to-face encounters. You should contact the best business card design service to design your business card as you need.

Are Business Cards Effective?

When it comes to your business cards, it all depends on how you use them. They are 100% effective if used correctly; if it weren’t for this, millions of businesses would be printing business cards every day. Using the following two questions, you can determine what you want from your business cards and which style and alternatives would best fit your needs.

To whom would you hand out your business cards, or will you distribute them all over?

Handing out business cards to specific people, such as those you meet face-to-face or through social media. There are so many potential customers, so you’ll need to focus on quality and design. In addition, your name and contact information would be prominently shown on your business cards rather than your products or services.

Because your primary goal is to reach the most significant number of individuals, focusing on readability and cost-effectiveness is essential if you plan to distribute many business cards. You should utilize a business card that highlights your services in this situation.

Is there a call to action on your business card?

Your business card must have a clear call to action if you want potential clients and customers to take action. A QR code that reads, “See my work!” is a great way to attract people to click on it, which will lead to more leads. None of this is required, and your phone number is all that is needed to contact you.


While many products are becoming obsolete, business cards remain popular. Plastic Printers is where to go if you’re looking for unique business cards that will help you stand out from the competition. 


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