Boost Marketing Efforts with the Help of Lamppost Banners and Backdrops


Business owners must find ways to alert customers to their presence. One way to do so is through the use of light post banners. Although companies use building signs and more to achieve this goal, pole banners add another layer to the branding efforts. Why are lamppost banners so effective? How can backdrop banners complement the pole banners?

Highly Visual

Light post banners allow a business to stand out in the crowd. Due to their location, customers see the brand regularly. The business benefits as few organizations invest in this type of banner. They won’t be competing with other companies to draw a consumer’s eye. Banner Printing Phoenix can help any organization create the ideal banner to achieve this goal.

Diverse Placement

One major benefit of pole banners is they can be placed in diverse locations. A business can install a banner anywhere there is a pole. This allows the business to get the message out in places where consumers might normally be overlooked. This additional advertising can take the organization to the next level.


Adaptable and Versatile

Business owners love that they can change the banners quickly and easily. One week, they may choose to advertise a promotion. The next week, a pole banner can be installed to announce a new product.

Organizations often invest in multiple banners to use for various purposes. The banners can be swapped out as needed, depending on what the business wants to promote at that particular time.

Effective Use of Space

Increase signage with the help of lamppost banners. This space often goes unused, and a company can benefit by placing a banner on a pole. It doesn’t take up valuable floor space and will attract a consumer’s eye.

Reach the Target Audience

Help the target audience learn about the business with the help of pole banners. People spend a lot of time moving between locations. Catch their eye when they are doing so with the help of a light post banner. It isn’t competing with other advertisements, so the consumer will notice it easier.

Government Messaging

Pole banners help municipalities get a message out to the public. The banner may be used to reinforce a core value, or it could share a slogan. Some municipalities use them to announce events and promotions. The banner might also be used to share well wishes. The ideas are endless when this type of marketing is employed.

Communicate with Customers

Light post banners may be used for more than advertising. A business might want to use pole banners to provide directions to consumers. For instance, the banners might identify various sections of a parking lot or direct customers to different portions of a store. Customers want a good experience. If they don’t have a pleasant encounter with a business, they may choose to take their business elsewhere. By ensuring this can find what they want and need easily, a company can increase customer loyalty.

Backdrop Banners

Don’t overlook backdrop banners when marketing a business or organization either. Backdrop banners provide numerous benefits, much as pole banners do. When should a backdrop be used to boost marketing efforts?

Product Launches

Ensure a customer knows which business is launching a new product with the help of a backdrop banner. This banner can repeat the company name and logo, so the customer learns to identify the brand with the new offering. When a customer sees the product in a store, they will know who provided it.

Multiple Uses

Backdrop banners can be created with a company name and logo for use multiple times. In addition to product launches, the backdrop might be used to announce the addition of a new member to the team or highlight a company milestone. Many organizations use it when releasing information to the press, and it serves as the perfect background for other major announcements.

Easy to Use

Backdrop banners can easily be moved between locations. They only take a few minutes to set up, although a minimum of two people will be needed for this job. Once the event is over, the banner comes down and is stored until the next event. In fact, many backdrop banner providers supply a bag and stand with the backdrop to make it easy to move between locations.

Effective Fundraising

With the help of a backdrop banner, an organization brings in more funds. Non-profit organizations often invest in a banner of this type to ensure people know who they are donating to. The organization may choose to use a step-and-repeat banner or have a single graphic take up the entire banner. The options are endless when a backdrop banner is selected.

Video Marketing

Consumers love to watch videos. YouTube remains the biggest provider of videos today, although Facebook users also want millions of videos each day. Advertise the business with video and ensure customers know who created the production. Use the banner as a backdrop for the video to ensure there is no confusion in this area.


Once a backdrop banner has been purchased, it can be used multiple times. The company doesn’t need to invest in new tools regularly unless they have a special event or other use for the banner. They often reuse the banner stand in this situation to save on marketing expenses. Simply change the backdrop and host the event. It’s that simple.

Highly Effective

Backdrop banners ensure consumers learn about a brand quickly and easily. It’s hard to miss a banner of this size, even when people are moving between locations. When combined with other marketing efforts, a business will find backdrop banners are of great help in reaching the target audience and drawing in new customers.

Pole banners and backdrop banners offer numerous benefits. Learn more today about the many ways these types of banners can benefit any organization. Once a company does so, it will be ready to make an investment right away. The right provider will help each business or organization find the marketing materials that best meet their needs.


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