Blue World City Development VS Nova City Development

Blue World

Development Status of the Blue World City

Islamabad, the blue world metropolis, is fast advancing, having reached a number of significant milestones. The housing complex also provides a top-notch lifestyle with a range of amenities. In addition, the construction of the highest horse is already complete. Additionally, the mascot is illuminated by blue and green lights. In addition, the overseas block gate is provided, fostering a sense of security among the residents. Importantly, the construction of five levels of the forces school’s flagship school has been finished. Moreover, the expansion of the commercial square and the construction of the sports stadium will soon coincide. 

Status of NOC 

The District council gave the Blue World City a “No Objection Certificate” on December 13, 2021. The Government has decided who is in charge of this housing society: the RDA or the district council. This is good news for everyone involved. The Local Bodies Ordinance of 2021, which was signed by the Governor of Punjab on December 11, 2021, makes it clear that the district council of Rawalpindi should give all residential societies their NOCS. The district council gave Blue World City a NOC in a letter dated August 7, 2018, and numbered 532/10/DC. Blue World City was finally recognized when the Local Bodies Ordinance of 2021 was passed.

Latest Update on Blue World City

Building has already started in different parts of Blue World City, and the main street of the city has been built. When planning this project, Saad Nazeer, who is the CEO of Blue World City, met with Mr. Chang, who is known as one of the best Chinese developers of multi-floor apartment buildings. During this meeting, they talked about how they were going to design and build different apartment blocks in the different parts of Blue World City Islamabad.

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Development Status of the Nova City

The development of Nova City is moving very quickly. Additionally, the housing program exists to improve citizen living conditions. Additionally, this stunning housing development is being constructed by Nova City Developers. The nicest feature is that future homeowners will have access to a wide range of amenities. Additionally, the facilities will be reasonably priced to enable the bulk of investors to live sustainably. Another intriguing feature of the gated community is its proximity to the Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC Route. Investors are also worried about the most recent updates regarding developments. The most recent developments in this residential project will be covered in this blog. So let’s jump right into the most recent happenings. 

Status of NOC

The relevant authorities have granted The Nova City Islamabad their NOC approval. Additionally, every citizen should carefully review the contract before making any real estate investments. The last and most important aspect is that it is legal, which gives investors confidence in this investment opportunity. As a result, investing in real estate here is the ideal choice. Finally, because the Nova City Development project is moving quickly, making an investment now will be advantageous. Because the costs will be revised as the construction project picks up steam. Without further discussion, let’s examine the most recent Nova City Islamabad construction. 

Updates on Nova City’s Development

All investors and residents will receive top-notch services and infrastructure from the developers. Additionally, the town’s prospective citizens will have the perfect living space shortly. Last but not least, work on Nova City Development is ongoing.


The Nova City Development is moving quickly because the people who own it want to finish building it soon. The gated community is also in a great place, close to important places like the CPEC Route and the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Blue World City Islamabad could be a private housing community that people in this country dream about. Therefore, the best aspect of this project is the reasonable pricing and payment terms. Also, the project gives its residents all of the best facilities that are available today. Blue World City is an excellent spot to invest because property prices are still low due to construction. You can get better advice from the experts at Estate land Marketing.

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