Black Wedding Dresses: All You Need to Know


Can a person wear a black gown to get married? Yes! You are free to wear a black gown or wedding dress on your wedding day. There are no legal, moral, or religious reasons for prohibiting you. You are free to choose the design and color of your wedding dress, even if it is black. Not yet persuaded?

See our responses to the most frequently asked questions about wedding dresses in black.

What is the meaning of a black wedding dress?

Black has long been connected to evil and somber ceremonies like funerals. However, black actually represents strength, elegance, formality, mystery, power, and sophistication. This color is uplifting and empowering, especially for women. Because of this, it frequently serves as the color of choice for women in roles of authority and power.

Black wedding dresses represent your refusal to conform to social norms. It’s customary for brides to wear white. Perhaps white wouldn’t be as popular if more brides understood that it connoted innocence and submission.

What is the history of black wedding dresses?

Brides have been donning black wedding gowns for several decades now. Sarah Jessica Parker wed Matthew Broderick in a Morgane Le Fay black ball gown in 1997; Christine Quinn of Selling Sunset wore a black princess-style dress in 2019; and Chlo Sevigny wore a skin-tight, long-sleeved black wedding dress with perfectly matched booties in 2020. Although these celebrities have made the idea more common, it is still uncommon to see regular brides donning the style.

The need for premium colors in the 14th century made the color an absolute necessity for nobility to set themselves apart. The “Little Black Dress,” which is attributed to Coco Chanel, became a staple in everyone’s wardrobe over time thanks to her idea.

Black wedding dresses used to be a traditional wedding dress color. However, when Queen Victoria made the decision to wed in a stark white wedding gown in 1840, everything changed. Rich men demanded that their brides dress in white on their wedding day to “move with the times,” primarily as a public display of their wealth and social class. White eventually acquired new connotations, such as that of feminine virginity, which helped to maintain its status as the traditional color for the wedding dress.

But in the twenty-first century, mythology and the attire worn by the Queen are less significant. So regain control and, if you so choose, dress in a black wedding gown.

Is a black dress always appropriate for a wedding?

Going to your wedding in a black wedding dress is totally acceptable.

However, it may depend on your circumstances. For instance, a black wedding dress might not be the best option if your ceremony is traditional and your guests have religious or conservative philosophies. Unless you really want to leave a lasting impression!

However, go ahead if your wedding is more contemporary, liberal, or merely avant-garde. Your visitors will adore it. Be proud to be wearing a black wedding gown.

Where can you buy your black wedding dress?

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