Best Way To Sell Gold For Instant Cash


When you choose a stylish goldsmith to sell your gold, certain procedures can give you complete satisfaction and benefits when dealing in gold or other precious metals. We also release your pawned gold to pawnbrokers, banks or other financiers and buy your pawned gold or related products after the release. All you have to do is call us or visit Hindustan Gold Company in your area and sell your gold. 

Our representatives will collect information about your gold and assess its purity. We use German Ministry technology to give you the exact purity of the gold. Once the purity is determined, we weigh the gold in a completely transparent state in front of the customer. We give you a price quote after deduction of commission and fees. 

Attestation of your address and identification attestation of the purchased account currency and written consent. However, we will immediately pay the quantum against your gold or precious essence via cash/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS, otherwise we will refund you the gold and seize the jewellery without any damage if you are satisfied with our offer price.

Sell Your Gold To A Reliable Buyer

At Hindustan Gold, we buy all kinds of gold and related details like jewellery, coins, ingots etc. Motor testing of gold as well as diamonds, tableware and platinum is done by our knowledgeable experts. After a complete evaluation, we offer you the maximum price to buy your gold, which can be the most stylish offer.

Sell Your Gold For Cash On The Spot

Want to sell your gold for quick cash through a hassle-free method? At Hindustan Gold Company, we help you complete the process presto and get the real value of the application for your gold, gold enhancers and related gold/precious essence products.

Release Of Pledged Gold

Original pawn or pawn ticket valid identity proof valid and recent passport photograph address proof as per morals, person must be at least 18 times and more is allowed to distribute. Persons between 18 and 21 years must have family members or guardians with written guarantees with their confirmation. The dealer must provide a form of identification and address for verification. 

The dealer may only sell information that has been purchased and inherited, or if it belongs to a partner with their written consent. 

The dealer may not sell documents belonging to musketeers, cousins, partners or other persons. Release your pawned gold from banks or other finance companies – Cash for Gold Near Me

Why pay interest when you can release your pawned gold from pawnbrokers, NBFCs, tax institutions and other finance companies. 

A stylish company for gold is near you to release your pawned gold or jewelry and pay the difference with instant payment through cash/online transfer.Currently, it has become a common practice for people to pawn gold, jewelry or expensive beauty assets against cash to meet specific or professional requirements. 

Due to high interest rates, most guests fail to release the pawned gold and the interest rate on the loan keeps increasing. Therefore, it will be difficult for guests to anticipate a sale and actually obtain the real value of the pawned gold.

Procedure For Releasing The Pledged Gold

Initially, our directors will collect information about the pawned gold from the customer. The approximate value of the gold, minus the amount paid for the release of the gold, will be communicated to the customer. However, if the customer is satisfied, our manager will visit the customer on site with the customer. He will pay the amount required to release the pledged gold to the pledging company. Honesty pledged gold online rate done at our office and the evaluation is completed.100 chastity checking system using German device with the latest XRF technology directly in a transparent way. However, Hindustan Gold Company will pay you the remaining amount on the spot or via IMPS/ RTGS/ NEFT if there is a difference.

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