Best Water Toys for an Amazing Yachting Experience

Water Toys

One of the joys of taking a yacht is that you don’t have to stay in the vessel the whole time. The waters are like a playground with endless ways to have fun. From zipping through the seas on a jet ski to admiring wildlife below the surface, there is so much you can do. Whether you’re planning a Bahamas vacation or a trip to Hawaii, here are some water toys that can make your yachting experience unforgettable.


Paddleboarding is also called stand-up paddling or SUP. This activity is easy to master for people of all ages. As you’ll learn while on a yacht like those provided by Canvas Yacht Charters, the trick is to know where to stand on the board as you paddle. Most importantly, learn how to swim. As much as you’ll be wearing a life jacket and your foot is attached to the board by a leash, this is still a water sport. Knowing how to swim lets you enjoy the sport more, and you’ll be safer in the waters.


Have you ever wanted to glide in the sea like a dolphin? Then you’ll love seabobs. This vehicle allows you to cruise the seas in an exciting way. It’s environmentally friendly, quiet, and fast, allowing you to go as low as 40 meters below sea level to see the various aquatic life. Certain models have cameras enabling you to film your journey.


Windsurfing allows you to embrace the power of the wind, with most yachts offering the required equipment for this sport. However, this activity requires some practice sessions before you can venture into the oceans. If you’ve never tried this sport, take a couple of lessons first. You can also confirm with your yacht charter if they offer this sport. If they do, a crew member can assist you surf through the water.

Jet Ski

Can you picture a trip on a yacht without a jet ski? This toy is an important element when planning a luxurious yachting experience. It’s like riding a motorcycle but in a different environment. These vessels can go up to 100 mph, allowing you to turn the oceans into your race track. If you have kids with you, ensure they follow jet skiing safety tips to avoid injuries. It’s also important for adults to practice safely while on a jet ski, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.


If you’re a daredevil, this is the activity for you. And if you thought gliding over the waters on a jet ski was exciting, then you’ll find flyboarding exhilarating. This device allows you to propel yourself over the water like a bird. You should definitely include it on your to-do list when taking a yacht trip. And if you pay attention to water sports tips, you’ll be fine.

Yachting is already a fun activity in itself. But combining it with these water sports activities will make it even better. Next time you’re taking a trip, give these water toys a try.


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