Best Techniques To Make Online Tutoring More Effective

Online Tutoring

Tutoring is beneficial for students who are lacking in their studies. It helps to overcome academic challenges and allows them to learn independently. In online tutoring, the tutors provide one-to-one attention to the students, explain the topics, and give them a chance to clear their doubts without judging them. It helps the learners improve their academic performance, boost confidence and achieve good exam scores.

Moreover, the tutors help the learners by using different teaching styles such as showing them pictures and videos, asking questions, taking mock tests, and so on. Through this, the students stay focused in class and interested in learning different subjects.

Below we have mentioned some techniques that can help tutors make their online tutoring more effective and interesting.

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Top Methods To Make Online Tutoring Interesting

1. Use Graphical Presentations

Presentation is one of the popular ways to teach in virtual classrooms. You can show slides to the students on the subject topics. This way, you will directly interact with the learners and help them to understand the concepts of the topics. Apart from that, it allows the students to give proper concentration in the class and show their interest. Moreover, some tools help you to create presentations such as;

  • Slideshare
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Slidecamp
  • SlideDog
  • Slideshow, etc.

Tutors can assign a task to the students to prepare a presentation on a particular topic. Firstly, they have to do research and understand it in detail. Afterward, they can explain it to the whole class, which helps other students as well. 

In this way, the learners develop presentational skills at a young age. Also, they learn how to prepare topics for presentations, and how to explain them in the whole classroom. Through this, it helps the learners to boost their confidence.

2. Conduct Group Discussions

The tutors can use various kinds of tools for conducting group discussions with the learners. These are helpful in various ways such as;

  • This helps the students boost their confidence and increase their communication skills. 
  • In group discussion sessions, the learners can connect with the tutors and other classmates which will help to create a strong bond with them.
  • It allows the learners to participate in the sessions and ask questions to tutors regarding any topics.
  • They can share their opinions and clarify their doubts during the sessions.
  • The tutors can know about the number of participants who are involved in the discussion and also encourage other students to participate.
  • The tutors help the students by giving them different ways to prepare for the subject topics.
  • At the end of the discussion, tutors can summarize the topics and tell the conclusion.

3. Provide Session Recordings 

In virtual classes, the tutors need to create videos. They can record their lectures that help the students to solve their queries. The tutors can also add captions, attach links, add pictures, or write comments on the videos. Sometimes they add background music to the videos which helps the tutors to capture the learner’s interest. Also, they can share the video links with the students.

Moreover, the tutors can upload these videos on social media apps such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. which allow other students to learn the topics.

4. Use Template For Various Purposes

There is numerous software that helps you to make online tutoring easier. It is observed that students learn quickly when the tutors teach them by using graphics or images. There are several templates present online that the tutors can use to schedule classes and create lessons for the learners. These include images, designs, graphics or diagrams, and so on. Here are some key points:

  • In templates, the description of the lesson, and the subject course are mentioned.
  • It helps the tutors to organize the work properly.
  • Templates help them to shape their ideas in a better way.
  • The tutors can design lessons and keep them interesting for the learners.
  • They can also make report card templates which help to check the performance of students by adding them to report cards.
  • They can redesign the tough topics in a fun way that enables the learners to understand them in depth.

5. Encourage The Students For Self-Study

In online tutoring, the tutors can encourage the students to do self-study. It can be seen that the students obtain great marks by doing self-learning. This way, the tutors give topics to the learners and ask them to prepare them and do presentations in the classroom. This enables the learners to explore topics in books or on the internet according to their ways. Apart from that, it allows them to make an effort by understanding the topics and explaining them in their words.

Moreover, self-study helps the learners to find various ways of learning and understand the concepts behind the topics. In this way, they boost their confidence and grab new knowledge related to the subjects.

6. Use Digital White Boards In Classes

Most online tutors use interactive whiteboards during lectures. There is no need for any chalk or marker. The tutor uses a specialized pen to highlight the important information, and content, take doubt sessions, and so on. It helps the students while revising a chapter because tutors mention all the points on the board and summarize the topics. This allows the learners to understand the topics in a better way.

Moreover, the tutors draw diagrams, graphs, etc. on the whiteboards. This enables to schedule group discussions and debates, take quizzes, and so on. It also helps the tutor to inspire the students to make creative lessons.

7. Use A Flipped Classroom Methods

It is one of the popular methods that are used by tutors for the last few years. Sometimes the tutors give an assignment or topic to the students and tell them to prepare it at home. This allows the learners to search for the materials or check the videos regarding the topics on the internet. This way, it enhances their progress in learning. The student comes to class with the best knowledge and asks questions to the tutors. Then, in virtual classrooms, they can discuss the topics, quizzes, and doubt sessions with the learners. Moreover, tutors can share their student’s recorded lecture videos of their colleagues or their own. This will be helpful for them to prepare topics for presentations.


As a tutor, you need to create a strong relationship with your students to make tutoring successful. You need to understand the learning style of your students and help them by implementing different tutoring techniques. So, considering the above points such as using graphical representations, and doubt sessions, the tutors can help make online tutoring more effective. Furthermore, you need to know about your student’s weaknesses and help them to overcome them so they do not have to face any academic challenges.


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