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It’s no coincidence that most early childhood education programs include music and dance or other forms of movement. While music and movement are fun activities that entertain youngsters, they also provide critical benefits. As children dance or listen to music, they release energy, get a chance to be creative, and develop social skills. With these and many other benefits in mind, many schools, therapists, and other organizations now integrate innovative Bear Paw Creek products into their programs.

The Bear Paw Creek Story

Inspired by a music therapist relative, Christopher and Janet Stephens began creating a line of movement props in 2000. The business was called Props & Bags, Etc. and provides merchandise designed to help clients organize and transport products.

As the business grew and gained wholesale clients, the couple changed its name to Bear Paw Creek in 2008 but maintained the same commitment to providing quality products. They also remain devoted to innovating new Bear Paw Creek creative movement products.

Today, the firm offers a wide range of products, including props, stretchy bands, classroom sets, student and literacy kits, instruments, bags, and totes. The Bear Paw Creek staff is also a proud supporter of the American Made Matters movement.

Bear Paw Creek Movement

Movement, Music, and Childhood Development

Movement and music products can play a significant role in childhood development. Most parents instinctively turn to music to soothe and entertain their children. Music impacts children’s social-emotional, language, and motor development. It can ignite children’s growth in the areas of literacy and school readiness. According to Bright Horizons childhood development professionals, early exposure to music and movement also provides benefits that can accelerate brain development.

Music and related activities affect children’s progress at all stages.

  • Infants. Babies recognize melodies long before they learn words, and music often soothes them.
  • Toddlers. Toddlers enjoy dancing to music, and the repetition of toddler music encourages language and memorization development.
  • Preschoolers. At this stage, youngsters enjoy singing and especially like songs about familiar things like activities, toys, animals, or people. They prefer songs that ask them to follow directions.
  • School-age children. Once children reach school age, they have a definite preference for music and are open about their likes and dislikes. Many show an interest in music education and may want to take lessons.

Music and Movement Therapy Benefits All Ages

While Bear Paw Creek products are valuable tools in child development, they can benefit individuals of any age. For example, WebMD says that music and movement therapy are beneficial for seniors and Alzheimer’s’ patients.

Active music therapy that allows individuals to play basic instruments, dance, or sing is valuable. This type of therapy encourages physical activity and is good for overall well-being.

Therapists may also use music therapy to help Alzheimer’s’ patients access memories. Memory and music are linked in the brain, and people associate artists, songs, or genres with life events. Music creates a soundtrack for life, and Alzheimer’s’ doesn’t affect musical memories. Music therapy can help reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and agitation. If you want to learn music then check this site music lessons in Northvale.

Bear Paw Creek Products

The Bear Paw Creek product lineup has expanded over the years and now includes a range of products designed around clients’ needs. Offerings include the following.

  • Movement props enhance music and movement classes. The company’s best-selling stretchy band and new connect-a-band are highly rated. The company sells hoop and wrist streamers in both ribbon and chiffon scarf. Shoppers can also order traditional 4″ bean bags, textured bean bags, and balloon balls.
  • Classroom sets provide creative movement props for bigger group settings. Sets include collaborations with Listen Learn Music for music and movement, DiscoverDance, and Miss Carole Macaroni Soup.
  • Clients can order personal student kits designed for individual sessions or distance learning. The sets are ideal for music therapy and include creative movement props and musical instruments. Collaborations include Discover Dance, Beyond Words Music Kit, Dynamic Links, and G-Clef Therapy and Lessons. Other collaborations include Stories That Sing, Music with Mar, RhythmWorks Music Therapy, and Tuneful Teaching.
  • The company also offers literacy kits that combine books with music therapy. The combination adds an additional layer of learning to the classroom or home environment.
  • Bear Paw Creek carries a line of music and basic instruments designed to be used during music and movement therapy. Music selections are from a.e. IDEAS and Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup. Instruments include a kazoo, castanet, rhythm sticks, and egg shakers.
  • To help clients keep products and instruments organized, the company sells unique totes and bags designed by Bear Paw Creek.

Bear Paw Creek Q & A

Over the years, Bear Paw Creek has remained committed to excellence in product quality and customer service. The owners’ mission is to produce reliable American Made music and movement products.

The company is always happy to answer customers’ questions about products and services. Common inquiries include:

How Do I Order?

Clients can order via the company website or use a printable form and send it via snail mail. Customers can get further information by emailing or calling (417) 823-0259.

Does Bear Claw Creek Accept Purchase Orders?

Yes! Clients can get more information by contacting the company at or 417) 823-0259.

What’s the Shipping Policy?

Bear Claw Creek offers free shipping on all orders over $50. There’s an $8 flat rate for all other orders, and international shipping is $35.

Is There a Guarantee?

Every product is guaranteed for a year, and the company encourages clients to contact them with any questions.

Are Items Returnable?

Shipping damage or discrepancies must be reported within seven days of the time the product was accepted. When there is shipping damage, clients should retain packing materials since shippers may need to inspect them.

Customers who are dissatisfied with products may return them within 30 days of the purchase date and should contact the company for instructions before returning.

All returned items must be returned with a receipt, packing slip, or invoice and in original condition.

Where Are Products Made?

Bear Paw Creek supports American-made products, so every item is proudly made in the U.S.A. The company also tries to use American-made materials when possible.

Do You Make Custom Products?

The company is happy to collaborate with customers to create custom products. All clients need to do is call Bear Paw Creek and discuss their ideas.

Bear Paw Creek is a unique business that creates products designed to be used with music and movement therapy. The business offers a range of items that are ideal for use by therapists or in school and home environments. The staff is committed to excellence in customer service, and every Bear Paw Creek item is made in the U.S.A.


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