Basic Features To Check In A Video Chat App For Business


In recent times, video chat applications have become very popular globally. They allow their users to communicate with each other even across continents. No matter the type of work you’re doing, group video calls with your colleagues and clients can occur daily. But do you have a video-conferencing application that allows you to communicate in real-time? If not, SoHive can fit into that spot as it offers a free plan you can easily sign up for. Today’s article will look closely at the top features to always seek in a video chat application for business. So, let’s get down to the day’s business without any further ado.

Features to Sought after in a Video Chat Application for Businesses

Drop-In Video

When you need it or want it now, such as to shop through video or need visual capability for sales or support, drop-in video is the perfect solution. SoHive offers Open Hives to provide drop-in video capability for anyone and for any topic. SoHive also offers Group Hives, which offer drop-in video for themed sessions, such as Sports/Football or Travel/Virtual Tour. Drop-in video can accelerate on-line sales as well!

High-Quality Videos and Audio

A video chat application isn’t worthy of being called that if it offers poor audio and video qualities. There’s nothing more annoying and frustrating than poor call quality, especially when chatting with a prospective client or colleague. With SoHive, expect to get video and calls of high quality so long your internet connectivity is strong.

In-meeting Chats

When you’ve got questions during a video call and don’t want to make a sound to avoid interrupting the meeting, the in-meeting chat feature is a valuable function that gives attendees the opportunity of sending instant messages across to everyone in the meeting without disrupting it. Just click on the CHAT icon that’s always available at the bottom of the screen of various video chat applications, and you can drop your message there. Aside from texts, some video chat applications may let you add emojis.

Unlimited In-call Recordings

With SoHive, you can record group meetings, training tutorials, and webinars to watch at your convenience. You may not be available for the call, but with a recorded version, you wouldn’t miss any details.

High-Security Settings

When conducting business meetings and other video chats online, there’s a 100% probability that you’ll discuss sensitive issues and also share confidential data in the meetings. To this effect, you’ll need a secure video conferencing app with high-grade encryption and in-meeting security controls.

Choosing the Perfect Live Video Chat Application for Your Business

When choosing the perfect live video chat app for your business, you must consider your budget and your communication needs.

Considering Your Budget

Though free video chat apps are cool for live video chats, they do not offer most features compared to the premium versions. To this effect, you should know how much you’re willing to spend on premium services. 

Know Your Communication Needs

Even when the video chat app looks all fresh and fancy, if it does not meet your specific needs, then it’s completely useless. Consider your needs; for instance, if you plan on hosting a webinar for more than 200 participants, there isn’t any need to go for a video chat app that accommodates just 100 attendees. It’s more like wasting time on something that doesn’t fit your company’s requirements.

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