Avoiding Common Invisalign Mistakes


Invisalign is a trendy alternative for straightening your teeth. It involves aligning your teeth with an invisible metal net inside the mouth. The treatment has a lot of benefits, from the prevention of tooth decay to aesthetic improvements. However, there are a few common mistakes that dental patients make that can lead to problems.

The treatment has been around for years, and there is still a lot of information about the process that people need to know. However, many patients don’t take the time to check the best practices for their treatment or even see a dentist sooner than they should. While some mistakes will not damage your teeth, others can do significant damage. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while getting your invisible treatment.

1. Poor Oral Health

While aligners can help fix your teeth, they can not restore poor oral hygiene. This can lead to severe issues like gum disease and high bacteria counts. You may also notice bad breath and other unpleasant odors on your teeth.

If you choose Invisalign treatment, maintain good oral health by visiting your dentist. They can help you to keep your teeth and mouth healthy during the process. Your diet also has a lot to do with the health of your teeth. Eat healthy food and brush twice daily to reduce bacteria in the mouth.

2. Improper Brushing

Most people are guilty of skipping a day or two when brushing their teeth. For people using aligners, this could mean much worse than you think. This kind of treatment takes time and dedication.

Be sure to maintain a regular schedule with how you brush your teeth. To keep your teeth clean, use a soft brush, not one that will hurt your gums. This is especially true if you are using aligners.

3. Placing the Aligners Incorrectly

Where you place your aligners after removal is essential as they may attract bacteria. While enjoying your meal, you should avoid leaving them lying on counters. It is important to note that wearing your clear aligners after exposing them to bacteria fosters bacterial growth. This can lead to severe oral health conditions.

So, where should you place your clear braces? Be sure to look for a clean container to store your retainers when you are not using them. As a result, you will keep your aligners away from bacteria, thus, posing no health risk when you wear them back. Aligner treatment is a method that is very effective but still requires you to take care of all aspects of your dental health.

4. Not Cleaning Them After Removal

The aligners treatment can end up being lengthy if you don’t follow through with the entire treatment plan. For this, you should take care to properly clean and care for your aligners.

Rinsing your aligners after removal is crucial as it helps to eliminate the dangerous bacteria that is likely growing on your teeth. If you disregard this step, you may have a severe infection. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your aligners’ treatment goes as planned.

5. Wearing Them Too Long

While aligners aren’t permanent, you are still expected to wear them as needed. There is a chance that you will wear the retainer for up to 24 months during treatment.

When wearing your aligners, you shouldn’t go longer than the recommended time of 20 to 22 hours each day. If you wear them for a whole day, there is a good chance that you will experience some severe tooth and gum problems. In addition, this may affect your gum tissue and lead to infection. If infections or mouth sores occur, see a dentist as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

6. Using Mouthwash to Clean Aligners

While it is essential to keep your aligners clean, using mouthwash to do so is not recommended. Most of the mouthwashes contain alcohol that can damage your aligners.

Instead, use an oral rinse to clean your teeth by targeting plaque and other harmful bacteria. Follow the directions when using these rinses on your aligners, as they may be more concentrated than other oral rinses.

You can also consider using a soft-bristled toothbrush for cleaning. However, be sure that you don’t rub too hard when brushing to avoid damaging your aligners.

Final Thoughts

If you think Invisalign treatment is proper for you, discuss it with your dentist. Improperly aligning your teeth can lead to major dental problems later in life. If they are not correctly aligned, they won’t last as long as they should. By asking a dentist about aligners treatment, you will clearly understand how the procedure works and if it is right for you. If you believe Invisalign is the best option to get your teeth aligned, you can check out dentist near me irving to get started.


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