Are Bespoke Luxury Shoe Collections Worth It In 2022?


Are custom luxury shoe collections still worth it today? The simple and direct answer is yes; it makes a lot of sense to go for bespoke shoes. Apart from the comfort that comes with wearing these products, custom-made shoes often come with better durability. This is especially true if you end up working with the right Houston custom tailor, such as Kamran Bespoke.

Read further to discover the top 4 reasons why it makes sense to go for bespoke luxury shoe collections at Kamran Bespoke.

  1. Better durability

One of the advantages of choosing bespoke shoes over ready-made products is “better durability”. It’s simple; the right Houston custom tailor will allow you to pick the product that suits your budget and taste. Depending on your budget, you can always choose high-quality materials that will last you for many years.

At Kamran, we give our customers the option of choosing from some of the best leather materials for their bespoke shoes. Even if you don’t have enough budget, you’ll still get the option to choose from the best cheap but high-quality materials.

Shoe materials aside, our quality of workmanship at Kamran Bespoke is another key factor that helps us deliver top-notch and highly-durable custom-made shoes. We have a team of experts, who understand their craft perfectly and can deliver high-quality and long-lasting shoes, regardless of your budget. That’s not all; the different processes (Blake welting and Goodyear Welt) that we employ when constructing bespoke shoes also help us deliver durable products that last for a long period. 

2. Increased comfort

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that you struggle to wear comfortably before? If yes, this problem is simply because the shoes aren’t designed with your custom measurements.

With bespoke luxury shoe collections, you can always rest assured that your measurements will be taken. Most tailors often use laser scanners to take accurate measurements of their customers. While this is great, the problem is how these measurements are interpreted for cutting.

With Kamran Bespoke, you have nothing to worry about. We often take accurate measurements of our clients to enable us to deliver high-quality products.

3. High quality

With the construction methods and the quality of materials that we use for your bespoke shoes, you can expect high-quality products. With high-quality shoes, you won’t experience various issues that come with foot moisture and shoe odor.

4. Cost-effectiveness

No doubt, many ready-made shoes are often cheaper than the bespoke luxury shoe collections. But you need to understand that this is only for short-term plans. In the long run, bespoke shoes are often more cost-effective than ready-made shoes.

  • First, with the high quality of the shoes, you can always avoid replacing your shoes quickly. Indirectly, this will allow you to save money for other things.
  •  The cost of repair is another factor you need to consider here. With bespoke shoes, you’ll hardly need to repair your footwear. But you can’t say the same for mass-produced shoes.

You can learn more about how Kamran Bespoke can help you deliver high-end & luxury shoe collections that meet your taste and budget.

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