An overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence

AI is short for artificial intelligence; it can be confusing and complicated to understand what Artificial Intelligence is. In very simple words, AI is a technique through which machines imitate human intelligence. Humans are the only beings that can differentiate among complex things and act rationally in making decisions. AI is when machines perform tasks that traditionally only humans can. From your google assistant to a fingerprint lock, everything is AI-based. The global AI market is predicted to reach a market value of $190.61 in 2025. 

Many fields are helped by AI, including healthcare. Artificial Intelligence is based on ideas, and people with ideas and practical implementation make revolutionary products. For example, if a person has an idea related to a technology that can help the medical world, they are most likely to contact a MedTech development company and seek their services to help turn their idea into a reality. 

Types of AI

There are mainly seven types of AI, or to put it correctly, AI can be classified into seven types. These are mainly- limited memory, reactive machines, theory of mind, self-aware, artificial general intelligence, artificial narrow intelligence, and artificial superintelligence. It is estimated that AI will result in a 26% or $15.7 trillion increase in global GDP. 

Uses in different fields

There are many fields where AI is used, and they are given as follows:

Agriculture and Farming-

Since the demand for food products is ever-increasing due to the increasing population, it becomes crucial to increase the supply as well. However, with limited resources, external help is needed, and that’s when AI comes into play. Machines like drone monitoring, autonomous tractors, robots, and automated machines are a big help in increasing food supply by enhancing production. 


AI is also used for medical benefits nowadays and is genuinely helping people on a large scale. The AI-based machines typically analyze various inputs of the patients and present a certain output that was needed to know in the first place. It helps with the diagnosis of various diseases. It is also used for pupil tests and glaucoma tests in the medical field. Note that the innovation and idea should be worthy of processing forward, especially in the medical field, due to its delicacy. One should consider reaching out to a good MedTech development company to rightly implement their idea. Also, it requires a lot of research, and patents are needed later to carry forward the idea, which can be extremely difficult to do without professional help. 

Virtual Assistants-

One of the most common examples that can be seen in our daily lives are AI assistants; Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant are the ones we see quite commonly,


Fingerprint sensors, face detection, and other Artificial Intelligence technology are becoming extremely popular for security purposes. Not just for mobile phones, but they are being used for door locks, office locks, and even house locks. Since characteristics like fingerprint and face cannot be forged, they are great for security and surveillance check.  


Businesses usually use chatbots for customer service and to contact their customers on a basic level. If the customer’s issues are beyond the understanding of a chatbot, humans are connected to the line to provide service to the customers. 


AI technology even helps in the military and assists in cybersecurity, logistics, transport, warfare systems, target recognition, and combat training. 

There are many more places where AI helps, and they are manufacturing, production, sports activities and analytics, livestock management, autonomous flying, warehousing, logistic supply chain, inventory management, fashion, retail shops, supermarkets, and more. 

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence technology has become wanted by people due to its convenience and simplicity. The estimated annual growth for AI between 2020 and 2027 is 33.2%. The use of AI technology is simple; however, its making is complex and complicated. The top three challenges that are faced by companies in turning a simple idea into technology are lack of staffing skills (56%), fear of the unknown (42%), and some starting point (26%). 

For this reason, it becomes a priority to choose the right company to make your dream come true. Look for a company that genuinely cares about innovation, creative minds, and technology. One such company would be Jointworks Solutions, which provides various services such as Gesture Control Solution for Pin Entry, Face Analytics, Vehicle Detection and Congestion, Analysis, Smile and Distance Detection, Facebook AR and Instagram filter, mobile application & web development, geospatial mapping, and more.

According to statistics, 54% of executives admit that using AI has increased productivity at their work. Meanwhile, 79% of executives feel like their jobs have been simpler with the help of AI. Due to its convenient functionality, the AI market is huge and is expected to grow in the future as technology advances with new ideas and fresh minds with time. 


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