An Atlas Of Safety Glasses


You all will be listening about safety glasses; now the question is, what do safety glasses mean? So, safety glasses are a type of personal protective equipment the workers wear around their eyes to protect against harmful material and decrease the rate of eye injury. They act as shields to protect the eyes.

Anyone can wear safety glasses; it’s not like the workers must only wear them. It can be worn according to the requirements of the user. It consists of various lenses depending upon the needs and are of different types, such as clear lenses, bifocal lenses, and indoor and outdoor Lenses. All safety glasses protect the eyes from hazards such as solid debris, chemical splashes, heat, welding, metal cutting, moving machinery, etc.

How are prescription safety glasses different from regular glasses?

As you know, safety glasses provide a higher standard of protection than regular eyeglasses, which applies to both lenses and frames of safety glasses. Most safety glasses are made up of polycarbonate, a strong material.

Types of safety glasses are prescription safety glasses and non-prescription safety glasses.

Prescription safety glasses are made of polycarbonate. These safety glasses provide ten times more time protection than regular lenses. They are also lightweight and offer protection from UV rays. Prescription safety glasses are a combination of eyeglasses and eye protection that gets combined into a single pair of safety glasses. So, instead of buying two different glasses, you can purchase a single pair of glasses, and all you have to do is to clean, care for, and maintain them.

These safety glasses have a filter inside them which changes due to different spectra and intensities of light. It also helps in preventing harmful radiation from entering your eyes while you are working on the screen because these glasses allow the safe wavelength of light to get freely passed without causing any problem in the vision of users. These glasses also protect against several sports injuries caused by sports such as tennis and basketball because these sports have a high probability of causing damage to the eyes.

Non-prescription safety glasses do not require a verified prescription from your eye doctor. These are also referred to as Plano, which means they are worn by individuals who do not need glasses to correct vision problems. You can also wear your prescription wear contact lenses with these non-prescription safety glasses. They also do not provide enough protection for the eyes.

Who should wear safety glasses?


Thousands of people become blind every year because of eye injuries caused due to work, and even these injuries could have been prevented if proper eye protection and face protection were worn.

Anyone who works in a job or is in such activities that causes a threat to the eyes should wear safety glasses.

Now the question is, who are the people that should wear safety glasses?

  • People working in construction
  • In manufacturing
  • In mining
  • Welding
  • Electrical work
  • Laboratories
  • Carpentry

How to test frames used in safety glasses?

Frames used in safety glasses are tested using the basic impact or high-impact application. Now, what is a high mass impact test? In this test, a steel projectile of one-inch diameter is dropped through a tube onto the safety glass lens. If the frame fully retains the lens, then no piece can become detached from the surface of the frame components that hold the lenses.

Safety lenses must also pass a flammability resistance test and another durability test.

Which glasses are best for home use?

If you don’t require prescription lenses or wear contact lenses, then, in this case, you can purchase non-prescription safety glasses. The safety glasses worn at home are lightweight and comfortable and available in attractive style frames. If you want prescription safety glasses, you need to purchase them from your eye doctor or an optical store. 

If you are above 40, then a bifocal lens will be best for you. If you are walking or moving on a lawn, then, in this case, you can wear glasses with side shields that will protect your eyes from flying objects or larger objects.

Bottom line

The eyes are the only thing that helps us see this beautiful world. Yes, they are precious, so if you are working in such a company where there is a risk of getting an eye injury, then in such cases, you must go and buy prescription eyewear because the investment you made today will reduce the risk of your eye getting injured. For the best collection of safety glasses, you can visit our site, CA Glasses. They have the best range of eyewear at affordable prices.

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