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It only at first glance seems that all cigars are exactly the same. However, upon closer examination, especially if you take several samples in your hand, you begin to understand that they are completely different, differing not only in size but even in aroma.

Cigar tobacco: fundamental differences

Some smokers believe that cigars are an overly expensive product and their price does not correspond at all to the “filling,” which, according to amateurs, is no different from the filling of ordinary cigarettes. Suppose this was the case, then in principle, any company could take up the production of cigars and produce them in unlimited quantities, millions of pieces every month. 

At the same time, all cigars would have no characteristic differences and correspond to each other’s identity. However, just look at cigars from different manufacturers, and you can see their absolute difference. Despite the fact that cigars are produced not even in dozens but in hundreds of names, they are all completely different.

What is the difference between cigars from each other?

The main thing to mention when comparing the characteristics of cigars is, first of all, the tobacco used in their production. It is in which country and the region of this country that tobacco is grown that not only the appearance of the cigar will depend. But also its flavor and aroma characteristics, both in unlit form and in the process of smoking.

The main thing that affects the characteristics of the tobacco leaf is not only the growth region. Tobacco of even the same variety will be completely different when grown in different regions of one side. Firstly, its characteristics are affected by the mineral composition of the soil where the plants grow. Secondly, it will be affected by the number of sunny days during the entire growing season. Thirdly, by the average annual rainfall, and fourthly, by the height above sea level.

Considering that even in two neighboring regions, there will not be the same soil composition, tobacco will also differ in its characteristics. To date, tobacco manufacturers distinguish such a concept as terroir, denoting a geographical region with its characteristic soil, climatic conditions, and rainfall.

Terroirs: the heart of every country’s tobacco industry

Today there are plenty of places in the world where farmers specialize in growing tobacco. However, not every region has the conditions that would make it possible to grow high-quality, tasty, aromatic tobacco. There are very few such terroirs on the planet.

Cuba is a role model.

Cuba is considered the undisputed leader in the cultivation of cigar tobacco. It was in this country, with a very small territory, that it was possible to grow tobacco, which is rightfully called the best in the world: its texture, flavor, and aroma characteristics. But it is noteworthy that in the conditions of this small island state, tobacco is very different depending on the region of cultivation, that is, the terroir. 

Pinar del Rio is the most popular region, whose tobacco is known to true connoisseurs of cigars. In this region, premium tobacco is grown, which brought legendary fame to the Cuban Republic throughout the world. The Dominican Republic is a stable leader in the tobacco market.

If it were not for the economic sanctions that were in effect in the 20th century and spread to Cuba, the country would remain a monopoly in cultivating high-quality cigar tobacco. However, the imposed sanctions contributed to the rapid development of the industry in other countries. 

The Dominican Republic has become such a country that has achieved tremendous success in the tobacco business. It was on its fertile soils that it was possible to grow tobacco, which, in terms of its characteristics, is practically in no way inferior to Cuban. But even with all the similarities, as experts say, the difference is still felt. 

The existing differences did not become an obstacle to recognizing the significance of the country as one of the top leaders in producing high-quality cigar tobacco. 

The Dominican Republic became the second country in the world whose specialists have taken a breakthrough step in the field of breeding achievements in the creation of tobacco varieties. At the same time, they have developed their exclusive leaf processing technology to produce high-quality cigars. By the way, in the Dominican Republic, more than five world-famous tobacco factories have their own plantations.

Nicaragua – a new name in the world of cigars

The next country rightfully ranks third in the TOP of the best cigar tobacco producers in Nicaragua. It was she who distinguished herself by the exponential pace of development of the tobacco industry, from selection achievements to exclusive ways of fermenting tobacco leaves, as well as their aging.

Literally, ten years ago, the world did not know about Nicaraguan cigars. However, today the products of this country are in incredible demand among connoisseurs of high-quality tobacco products. Sophisticated smokers believe that Nicaraguan cigars deservedly enter the top five on the world stage. 

The most popular regions in the country where elite tobacco is grown for cigars are Xalapa, Esteli, and Condega. Very interesting in terms of flavor and aroma, tobacco is grown on a volcanic island in Ometepe. But the best region growing premium tobacco is still Esteli. On the territory of Nicaragua, many eminent tobacco factories have their plantations.

No less exciting and breakthrough tobacco region, whose cigars are gradually but surely gaining popularity, is Honduras. The tobacco industry is developing rapidly here and has long reached a professional level. Also, do not underestimate Ecuador, Mexico, Cameroon, USA, and Brazil. These countries are undoubtedly famous producers of cigar tobacco.

It is important to understand that each region has its characteristics of tobacco. Thanks to the blending of varieties and the high production quality, it is possible to create cigars that are different from each other.


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