Age Verification Solution To Protect Minors From Digital Systems

Age Verification

When the internet was newly introduced to our lives the initial beginning was easy as it provided information to everyone who has access to it without any security checks or age verification. With time the internet and online platforms are developed into a place where most businesses are shifting their trade online. Even in the era of digitalization, we get to see different digital currencies and other financial platforms that are used by the netizens.

With so much content on the web, the digital world has evolved into an ocean of media containing multiple amounts of resources that users consume to their benefit. The introduction of social media platforms has made user interaction and communication just a matter of seconds.

Discussing the benefits of digitalization, people are using online media in many places but due to the vastness of the web, users are not fully aware of the fact that it can affect minors and other sensitive audiences in harmful ways. And it is happening with an increasing rate of danger among the users that do not fulfill the age criteria of the platform and still access it. 

According to the statistics, more than 65% of users who are exposed to cyber-bullying are children from the age of 8-16. This reveals that children are being abused on digital platforms on an almost daily basis either on social media sites or other networking platforms. To tackle this issue of cyberbullying the companies are deploying the AI-driven age verification solution to filter out the correct audience for accessing the content online.

Age Verification Solution

The age verification solution is an online system that is based on the artificial intelligence solution which helps different industries to check and verify the age of the user. It is deployed at different levels of the sectors, especially the platforms which are more likely to be accessed by minors online. Those platforms include social networking sites, gaming platforms, and other digital engines that include communication and interaction. 

Online Age Verification Process

With the digital system of online communication and interaction, the age verification systems are also getting online for a quick age assessment of the user. The process is carried out completely online to verify the age of the user. The online method is fast and requires the user to complete the age verification process by a number of processes. These processes are explained in this blog.

Document Verification

The first process to verify the age of the user is to prompt for uploading legal identity documents that provide complete identity information of the person such as an identity card. Those identity documents can be uploaded to the online age verification system with the help of a mobile camera. The uploaded digital copies of the documents are evaluated for further processing of the age check. 

The system first performs a validation check of the document with the help of artificial intelligence validation algorithms to make sure the document is genuine and has not been modified from any image processing tool. This validation check filters out fake documents that the attackers or in many cases children upload to fake the identities of users as per shufti pro news. After the validation process, the AI system uses the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to efficiently extract the date of birth of the user from the document. The age is calculated from the user’s date of birth after which the user has declared age verified.

KYCC Verification

The KYCC (Know Your Customer’s Customer) verification is one of the major checks by which the age of the user is determined. It is performed by most online systems to filter out the minors within that system. It works by checking and evaluating the audience of the system and the interaction of the user with the audience. The AI system analyzes the interactions with the community to process the age-based working of the user and then verifies the age of the user. The KYCC check is performed especially by the gaming industry to filter out the minors from the gaming engines. The AI patterns of age are deployed in most systems to detect the age of the audience.


The age verification solution determines the age of the user at the time of their initial onboarding process with the help of artificial intelligence systems. The system performs different checks on the identity and documents of the user to extract the real age of the user. Some AI models use biometric scanning such as face recognition of the user to check the age of the user.


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