A Guide to the Berkey Water Filter and Its Many Benefits


Humans need clean water to live. They also use this water for cooking, cleaning, and more. However, many people worry about the safety of the water in the home. Many municipalities use chlorine to treat the water, but this chemical can also make water unsafe. Unfortunately, contaminants may enter water treated with chlorine, as the chemical cannot keep them all out.

In addition, minerals in the water can make it difficult to clean clothes and dishes. Experts refer to this as hard water, which can also decrease the lifespan of household appliances. To avoid these issues, install a water filter system in the home. Filtered water is clean water. However, the type of system purchased plays a role in how clean the water is. In addition, people frequently want a water filtration system that can go with them.

What are the benefits of filtered water? What should a person look for when purchasing a water filtration system? Why should they choose a gravity water filter, such as The Berkey Water Filter, over the other available options? This guide provides the answers to these questions and more.

Berkey Water Filter

The Benefits of Water Filtration Systems for Humans

Individuals often invest in a water filtration system because they are tired of purchasing plastic water bottles. They recognize the harm these bottles do to the planet and want to reduce their carbon footprint. At the same time, they want to ensure they have clean water to drink. With a water filtration system, they can invest in reusable water bottles and have clean water at their fingertips.

A water filtration system provides better-tasting water. It removes contaminants, such as fluoride, which can lead to water that smells and tastes bad. With this filtration device, the taste, purity, and smell of the water improve. In addition, the pH level of filtered drinking water is lower than that of unfiltered water, and the system may remove lead from the water. Lead can lead to health defects in unborn babies and young children.

Filtered water is better for the human gut. The filter in the system removes harmful bacteria that can bring about gastrointestinal issues in humans. Bacteria that may be present in drinking water include cryptosporidium and giardia. The filtration system ensures a person doesn’t take these contaminants into the body, where they can do harm.

Certain chemicals present in drinking water have been linked to cancer in humans. For example, chlorine and its byproducts have been associated with rectal, bladder, and colon cancer. A person can reduce their risk by installing a water filtration system in the home.

The Benefits of Water Filtration Systems for the Household

People find they can use less soap when they have a water filtration system in the home. In addition, homeowners who install a water filtration system find they have fewer plumbing issues. Chemicals, heavy metals, and minerals present in the water supply damage the plumbing system. In addition, they do harm to household appliances that make use of the water supply. By installing a water filtration system, a homeowner can extend the life of the plumbing system and the home appliances.

The family budget gets relief when a homeowner invests in a water filtration system. The family pays less for bottled water. Furthermore, there is no price a person can put on good health, so this is one device every home should have today. Nevertheless, many people choose to invest in a water filtration system they can carry with them. This ensures they have clean water at all times. Berkey offers a range of portable water filtration systems. Which one should a person choose?

Choosing a Water Filtration System

Before choosing a water filtration system, a homeowner must know what to look for. The process should begin with a test of the water in the home, as this provides information on what contaminants are present in the water supply. However, some people choose to take their filtration device with them when traveling or camping. As the water supply will be different in those areas, testing the water in the home should only be one part of the selection process.

Many people choose a portable system today. While it doesn’t provide the household benefits mentioned above, they can take the device with them wherever they go. This ensures they have clean drinking water in places where the water supply may not be potable. Keep this in mind when choosing, particularly those individuals who don’t have hard water in the home. Having a clean drinking supply may be all that is needed, and a portable device will provide this water.

The size needs to be considered when choosing a portable water filtration system. Portable water filtration bottles may only hold 16 ounces, while a larger device could supply up to four people with drinking water for a day. This type of device can easily be moved from location to location.

Pay attention to the purification capacity, as this lets the owner know how much water can be filtered before the filter cartridge in the unit must be changed. Nobody wants to get out in the wild only to find they don’t have a replacement filter cartridge and they don’t have clean drinking water because they weren’t prepared.

Look at the micron rating when comparing different water filtration systems. This rating provides information about the size of contaminants the filter cartridge can trap. Certain devices can trap particles that are only 0.01 microns in size. Other devices come with filters that can only capture contaminants up to one micron in size. The more contaminants that can be trapped, the cleaner the water will be.

How long does it take to clean the water? This is referred to as the maximum filtration flow rate. In addition, see how much water can be stored in the device, as the system can run even when water is not needed. The person then has fresh drinking water on demand, up to the capacity of the storage tank.

To determine the right Berkey water filtration system, consider the number of people who will need drinking water. One quart, for example, is typically enough for one or two people. Approximately three gallons will be enough for up to four people. If providing water for more than four individuals, choose a larger water filtration device.

Why Choose Berkey Water Filtration Systems?

Berkey water purification systems make use of gravity water filtration technology, which means they don’t need electricity to operate. They can be used after a natural disaster to ensure humans have clean water to drink. In addition, they are of significant benefit when a person is in an area without access to clean drinking water, such as when they are camping and only have access to water from a lake or stream. They need to ensure the water is safe to drink, and the Berkey water filtration system provides this water.

Berkey devices remove a range of contaminants, including arsenic and pesticides. They are the most powerful gravity water purifiers offered today and the stainless-steel construction ensures they hold up with time. Consumers find they can choose from several devices, including the Go Berkey, which provides one quart of clean drinking water, and the Crown Berkey, which can purify up to six gallons of water.

In addition, a person can choose the number of filters they want in the device. For instance, the Go Berkey only has one filter, but the Crown Berkey has eight. Keep this in mind when comparing the different units. The time needed to filter water depends on the number of filters and the amount of water in the unit. With many models offered today, it has never been easier for a person to choose a Berkey water purifier and have access to clean water at all times.

Experts recommend choosing a unit that is bigger than needed. This ensures clean water is available on demand. In addition, consider how much clean water people will need during periods of high demand, such as at mealtimes. Many people choose to upgrade to a larger device to ensure a lack of clean drinking water is never a concern.

However, a person might also wish to consider the Berkey Light. This model is not made using stainless steel. Instead, Berkey constructs this unit with plastic to ensure individuals on a tight budget have access to clean water.

Regardless of which product they select, consumers know they are getting an excellent water filtration system. The reviews for Berkey products are outstanding, with 95 percent of buyers giving the product five stars. In fact, these products have yet to receive anything less than three stars, as they are outstanding in every way.

Keep the above factors in mind when choosing a water filtration system. With many options available today, a person might find themselves overwhelmed and unable to decide. Using the guide above, a person will find they can choose a system that meets their needs and their budget quickly and easily. Learn more today about Berkey products, as one is sure to be right for every person’s needs.


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