A Desirable Skill That Is Often Overlooked – Discipline


“Discipline works everywhere.” Is it really that if you are a disciplined person in your personal life as well as in your professional life, you will sail through the ocean of life. Usually, when a person applies for any job, they are expected to be more disciplined in their work. Hiring authorities normally give an extra point to the person having a degree along with discipline rather than a person having only degrees and qualifications. In order to have a successful work career, one needs to learn the art of discipline. 

Features Of A Disciplined Man

Discipline does not only mean the submission of daily tasks on time or being the obedient employee of the employer but the latter expects the former to be more than that. Sometimes more degrees in education and more work experiences won’t grab the attention of the company but your personality and your nature may convince them to give you the job. That’s why it is very much relevant that we must develop the art of soft skills. 

Your willingness to have a commitment to your work and completing them on time by meeting the deadlines shows how disciplined and sincere you are towards your work. Things and qualities which a hiring manager may search for while interviewing the job applicant:

  • Whether he or she is amicable in nature and can work with other people in the company to have a good bonding?
  • Whether he/she has teamwork quality?
  • They search for an adaptable nature employee.
  • Self-control in some situations when needed and the other thing is to have discipline in the workplace.
  • Whether the employee has the capabilities to work independently as well as with a cross-functional group when needed?
  • Whether he or she is confident enough to tackle problems that come towards the company and might damage it financially and socially as well?

Whether Discipline Can Be Acquired?

First, we should understand that self-discipline is an acquired and learned skill and it can never be innate or inherited. It is the ultimate way to achieve your goals and also to have a better life ahead both at a professional level and a personal level. There are a few strategies one can follow in order to have self-discipline and they are as followed:

  • Recognize your weakness

To be a disciplined person, the very first thing one can do is to figure out where he or she is lacking actually. His weaknesses and downfalls are putting obstacles in his work. As much as possible, he/she should give more importance to the positive things happening in his life rather than giving unnecessary importance to the negative things.

  • Tolerance for everything is important

Discomforts and pain are a part and parcel of life and they cannot be deleted from one’s life. That’s why a person has to learn to adapt and move on in such situations. When you are applying for a job in any company, you have to learn to ignore things even if it hurts you. Emotional tolerance is to be maintained well in order to adjust properly. 

  • Clear planning and timetable are needed

Make sure that you are developing good habits and making proper planning for whatever work you are doing whether that is studies or work. Do it with utmost honesty and sincerity. This will give you more chances to be placed in better places because of this attitude.

  • Learn from past mistakes

A disciplined person can also make mistakes. So, never think that mistakes have overpowered your disciplined life if you are genuinely disciplined. As it is said that to err is human, that’s the reason why one should learn from his past mistakes and work more efficiently in order to avoid committing such mistakes in the workplace.

Develop Discipline And Get Employed

A goal leads to ultimate success and a disciplined lifestyle paves the best way to a successful work career as well as life ahead. There is a hell and heaven difference between a dream and a goal. A dream can be visualized and it depends on the person’s willingness to fulfil it whereas the goals of a person are something which is set in order to achieve the same.

How The Quality Of Discipline Is To Be Mentioned In A CV Or Resume?

We have many free online resume builder apps and online resume maker apps which have readymade templates to fill up for a resume on thousand numbers still there are certain things which are not found in the resume templates also that’s why we have also resume writing services who help us in drafting our curriculum vitae or resume. 

The quality of discipline is an abstract which is not visible to all but it is to be observed carefully within a certain span of time.  When you are searching or applying for any job, it is very important that you have an up-to-date resume to have more chances of getting selected for the job. When you are applying for any job, always list your core competencies in the initial part. In a paraphrased manner, you can summarise your discipline in the work. This will include both your hard skills as well as soft skills. You can also add another word or phrase along with it to put more weight on your resume.

You can also provide a career summary in your resume to let the hirer know your career graph from the very beginning of your work career. You can also mention the roles that you have performed in your previous organisations and also you can add the remarks that you have received from your seniors. 


A disciplined person almost all the time becomes the most desirable candidate for the hiring authority when he or she applies for the job because of the higher demand for the disciplined person in such a field. Discipline is needed in every field of work, maybe the gravity of work be more or less but it is to be ascertained in every field of work.

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