8 Serious Warning Signs of Alcoholism


There are a lot of red flags that you should look out for in order to spot alcoholism, whether it’s in yourself or in someone else you know. Alcoholism disease is a dangerous condition that needs immediate treatment for addiction right away.

1: Drinking alone and Drinking Secretly.

Someone who drinks behind someone else’s back likely recognizes that they have a drinking issue and is trying to hide it. Drinking behind someone else’s back indicates that the user does not want others to know how much they drink or how frequently they drink. This is likely because the user has a problem with the amount of alcohol they consume. Drinking by itself is not necessarily an issue, but drinking can frequently become increasingly problematic with time, even if it was never a problem before.

2: Poor nutrition and diet

Consumption of food has stopped, and there is no care paid to maintain a balanced diet, which may be a sign of heavy alcohol consumption. Consuming alcohol can inhibit appetite, which can lead to malnutrition as well as other dietary problems.

3: Justifying or making excuses for drinking

Alcoholics can always come up with a reason to drink: a tough day, a good day, anger, stress, boredom, etc. These become excuses for regular drinking. Alcoholics often use these excuses to justify their drinking to themselves and others. Drug rehab can specifically address this issue.

4: Withdrawal signs after waking

Trembling, nausea, and headaches are commonly seen in alcoholics in the morning. This is different than a typical ‘hangover’ and is often accompanied by a need to consume alcohol in the morning, often before work or other responsibilities.

5: Violence or rage associated with drinking

Encountering frequent violence associated with alcohol intake is a good indicator of alcoholism. This can be dangerous and lead to many other problems. This is often a good time to consider a drug rehab program before legal and other problems ensue.

6: Lack of attention to physical appearance

Alcoholism is frequently accompanied by poor personal hygiene. Alcoholics frequently disregard their oral health, along with other personal hygiene practices such as maintaining clean clothing, shaving, and taking regular baths, etc. It is not unusual for people with this trait to consistently emit an odor of alcoholic beverages.

7: Denial and anger when confronted about alcohol use

It’s not uncommon for individuals suffering from alcoholism to become very angry or defensive when confronted about their potential drinking problems. This is accompanied by an unwillingness to get help for their problem or even discuss it with a counselor or anyone else. If you need help with an intervention or in finding a drug rehab program, this is often the time to do it.

8: High tolerance to alcohol

It is a strong red flag that you may have a problem with alcoholism if you need more drinks to get the same buzz as you used to. The biochemical changes that are brought on by greater alcohol use go hand in hand with the development of alcohol tolerance.


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