7 Secrets To Make Your Home To Rent In The UK


Over 860,000 property sales occurred in the UK in 2018 alone, amounting to approximately 16,500 per week. How do you stand out from the thousands of other people who have homes for sale in your neighborhood with the help of estate agents in Swansea?

Excellent news! Before your photographer arrives to present your home in the best light possible, you can take a few simple steps to prepare – and ensure that your home receives the recognition it needs.

7 Secrets Of Making Your Home Under The “Rent” Category

1. Your Home Should Be Cleaned And Decluttered

When a prospective buyer walks in the door, you’ll want to make the best impression possible. Make sure your home is clean and clutter-free, making it seem more spacious and encouraging.

2. The House Should Be Painted

When selling your home, you need to get buyers in the door, and the first thing they’ll see is the pictures of your estate. Many people display family photos and personal items in their homes. Put these things away and give the house a new coat of paint (ideally neutral creams or whites!).

3. Improve Your Front And Back Gardens/Yards

Constructing an extension can be costly, and it can sometimes decrease the value of your home. This is due to the scarcity of splendid gardens and outdoor areas near the town centre. Simply pruning the plants, clearing the leaves, or cutting the lawns can make a significant difference in the area.

4. Repaint The Front Door

It’s simpler than you think to renovate or restore a door and is inextricably linked with clearing the garden. A new front door is welcoming and suggests that the estate has been well-maintained. You could purchase a new front door or refurbish your existing one. Some businesses will charge as little as £25 for a work like this, or you can search YouTube for a do-it-yourself video.

5. Allow Light To Shine!

Keep the ceramic tile dark and the wall’s illumination to make the floor area appear more prominent. Then, in particularly dark rooms, add some reflectors to reflect sunlight around and off the various surfaces in the room. Keeping the colours neutral will make the room appear larger and lighter. As previously mentioned, thinning back the garden should assist the light shining through your window panes.

6. Turn on the heat

Make your house look warm and inviting, especially before a viewing. Even better if you have a fireplace. Start that bad boy! Everyone is drawn to a wood fire’s comfort, smell, and tone. It gives you a sense of security and welcome, perhaps from our caveman times.

7. Install Contemporary Light Switches

Those once-gleaming white light switches may now be a dishevelled shadow of what they once were. Go to some retail or nearby lighting shops and pick up some new light switches, or order some online and have them delivered right to your door. They’re only a few pounds each and could make all the difference; however, if you need to know what you’re doing, hire a qualified electrical engineer to install them.


  • Get a landlord insurance plan to protect your estate and yourself from liability.
  • In some areas, permission is needed for a residential property to be used as a rental property for safety reasons.
  • Make sure it’s clean and newly painted, and consider replacing anything that appears outdated.
  • Research Fair Housing laws before listing the property, and run credit checks on prospective tenants.
  • Think about hiring a property management firm to act as your landlord.

Home Rents That Work

And now you have it – take a long, critical look at the interiors and exteriors of your home and spend some time and effort making them picture-perfect – before the photos are taken. All the steps we’ve discussed are also essential when you objectively observe your home, but to maximise your viewings, you should start with incredible property photographs. Following the rules outlined above will soon have potential renters lining up at your door.

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